Don't Hate!

This is a public blog. Meaning, anyone, anywhere with Internet access can read what I write. I have been blogging long enough, and on different platforms to know that there are some things that I must keep private, and off limits. You won't ever catch me blogging about my relationships with family members, or specific friends, or hurt feelings, or money, or very personal, intimate, private topics. Or anything that will hurt someone close to me.  You get it.


I am rather honest, open and genuine. What you see is what you get - I am much like that in person. I am who I am. If I blog about it here - I do it with all sincerity. You many not agree with every faucet of my personality or my opinion, but you don't have to do so. I'm not trying to debate, or argue, I'm just trying to let you get to know me better.  I will write on a variety of things - and many of a personal nature. Everything I put out here, I am comfortable with you knowing.  You can certainly reach out to me directly should you wish to respond to anything I post. You can ask me anything and I will answer you honestly - I am also much like that in real life, too.

This doesn't fall into any specific category - and I'm not trying to make my mark on the massively vast blogsphere. But, I AM trying to write more often, develop my hobby, and share my life with family and friends. Yes, I post pictures of my kids. Yes, I write about being a Mommy. Yes, I need to improve my writing. But, we'll see where this goes - and I'm happy to have you along for the ride. 

So, Don't hate, and Don't worry. I am conscience of the fact this is a public blog. I am usually pretty good about asking someone if I can blog about them, should I feel the urge to do so, for whatever funny reason, but If I happen to mention you, and you don't like it, tell me. kk?

K, Thanks : )