Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Tornado

Oh how I have missed you!

I feel like I have been in a whirlwind since Thanksgiving - a mix of recipes, lists, lights, presents all bouncing with glee around my head.

Hello, Holiday Season.

My favorite time of year. 

How have YOU been doing?


I trust all of you had a great Thanksgiving - seems like forever ago now, right? And, even if you didn't, know that you deserved one. Our Thanksgiving sent us off well. As you recall, we decided to stay at home and cook it ourselves. It was fantastic. I loved everything about it - the food was perfecto and the family time was secret ingredient. Everyone helped with everything and the kids really liked helping to make every dish. I am really glad we made that decision!

We geared up for Thanksgiving the entire week prior, had a delightful day, and then I went right into Christmas shopping that evening.


BLACK FRIDAY Christmas shopping!

This really was big news because I've never gone out before and had a totally different image in my head. I really did picture ladies elbowing each other, stampedes of people running towards bargains. It wasn't so much. There were a ton of people, but everyone was friendly and well behaved. I enjoyed the company of my good friend and new ones. I don't spend all night out with my girlfriends very often anymore and going shopping in the middle of the night was fun!

It was also shocking because for many years past, I smugly deemed everyone out there crazed lunatics shopping for cheap stuff, even cheaper and giving in to the evil of consumerism and the purchasing of unnecessary crap. I had been invited to go out by this particular friend for the past several years and before that, where ever I worked I was always invited to go out with a couple of the women and do the same. I always declined.

I don't know what it was about this year that changed my mind exactly but I can say that for me - A mother of four, living on my super-hubby's income, any smart shopping is a benefit to our Christmas and our children. I targeted my shopping for things that I knew were smart choices and walked away with some really nice finds and saved me about 50% of what I normally would've paid. It's practical to take advantage of good deals!

I am really glad that I went and look forward to next year.

The following Sunday, Wil surprised me with a Christmas tree - before DECEMBER! He broke the rule, you guys! (He's always said December 1st, which I thought was totally fair but deemed Christmas cheer early) Live Christmas Trees are my favorite part of Christmas decor and ours is perfect and full of years worth of memories. John attacked the tree several times, but now that the ornaments are on the top half and not the bottom, he leaves it be. We got my town up which is now petitioning to become an actual City, I think. I love it so much and it's grown so exponentially lovely over the years.

I should have pictures of this stuff.


Raegan had my camera and ran the battery low with the pictures she took. That should be interesting.
I haven't looked yet! I'll post something from her collection and remember to charge my battery

Anyhow. So that's that. I hope all of you are well, better than well actually. I hope you are all able to enjoy the wonder of the holiday and let yourselves feel like a child again. It is an incredible amount of fun.

I have several other things to write and don't want to let my favorite season fly by without writing. I also like interacting with all of you!