Tuesday, December 13, 2011

30 Minute Blog - Go, Go, Go!

Time is ticking!

I just set the timer for 30 minutes to just write. No matter where I am at by the sound of the bell, I will stop. Pencils Down!

This will prove a bit difficult because I usually have much to say on any given topic. And, John broke yet another keyboard and now I'm missing the D key. I can make it appear but it's annoying and hurts my finger.


Enough with the complaining. I think I will skip telling you about all of the baking I am doing recently or my child like anticipation for Christmas. We'll debate Beauty Pageants all another time, as well as Ohio's talk of eliminating the age restriction on purchasing the emergency contraceptive: Plan B. Both topics struck a cord in me recently. But, I think I'll move on from those this evening.



Yes, Corset.

Let's discuss Lady's fat hiding undergarments.

Stay with me for a second.....

Last weekend, while we were all hanging out together at home, I tell Wil I am ready to give in and try cycling. I am finally ready for him to buy me a bike at income tax time after months of squashing his every attempt. Let's face it - unless it's hiking through the woods, or fishing on a lake, - it's too athletic for me. BUT. I've changed my mind for purely selfish reasons: Family time (they all love it and do it often) and...Mama needs to start heading back towards THIN, tyvm!

I start stating these exact reasons to Wil with the kids listening on and after the talk, Abby says, "Mom, I know what you could do right now to make you skinny again!".  Curious and not the least bit offended, I asked what she meant.

"I saw these things on a commercial that ladies can wear, that tie and make them suck in their bellies all the time!"

I laugh very out loud, "A corset?"

"I don't know - What's a corset?", she asks. 

"Yeah, What is a Corset?" Jake chimes in.

I bust out a quick explanation of what they were and how long they had been around. I also throw in a fun fact about women actually breaking ribs back, hundreds of years ago. Some ladies even died!

Jake, as honest, as concerned, and as serious can be, says,

"No, Mom! You cannot ever wear a corset!


I nearly peed my pants laughing.

Ladies, beware.

The more you know!

(3 minutes remaining.)