Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recovered For Now

Happy Tuesday!

I hope your week has started off well.

I've been in a bit of recovery mode. I've been bone tired and just utterly exhausted. Even my good pal, Coffee was unsuccessful in it's attempts to keep me functional.

John was up all night on Saturday, into the not - so - wee hours of the morning Sunday. He wasn't ill or uncomfortable, but rather pleasant and happy to be awake. He's so considerate though, he allowed me to have two hours of sleep.

Lucky Me!

Church was good on Sunday but unexpectedly emotional. The sermon was discussing leaving emotional baggage at the foot of the Cross. At the end, there was a free standing cross with a small basket at the bottom. You were encouraged to write down some baggage, walk it to the front, and leave it right there. It was a physical representation and very powerful. SO POWERFUL, that I underestimated how strongly I would react to doing so. It was overwhelming. And exhausting. And, I don't wish to say much more about it.

I spent yesterday trying very unsuccessfully to conquer mount laundry between Wil's doctors appointment (more to come on that later) and heading to the evil, corporate, conglomerate known as Walmart. Don't hate! I had stuff I had to get for Thanksgiving and wanted to make sure I had it before this coming weekend. As in my mind, I watched every single utensil and pan, in every single store, in every single city be bought up before I could get back there. Thanksgiving would be RUINED.

Maybe not, but I am happy I have those things now and was able to cross them off my list. I also picked up some crafty supplies as I intend to bust out some cheap, easy Thanksgiving crafts. I'll be sharing them here. If you know me in real life, the crafts will most definitely be exactly that - cheap and easy. But also a good way to prepare your little ones for the Holiday.

That brings us to this morning. I want nothing more to sit here and write. I was feeling really good about writing daily. The only problem with that is that LIFE happens. With four kids, a hubby who works all the time, and chores that never, ever seem to stop, life happens much around here too. Oh, and I'm still babysitting pretty little baby, too. I'm feeling like I should cut myself a little slack and try to resume writing now that I'm not walking around with toothpicks in my eyes and drool running down my mouth. I feel a bit better today. Here is hoping the rest of the week is the same.

Even though I haven't been writing I have been thankful. That post will follow.

Thanks for bearing with me.