Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lessons 7 & 8: Popcorn & Politics

Belated Lesson 7:
Family Time. Evening Naps. Chats with Old Friends. Starbucks. Old Fashioned Popcorn Poppers. Silly Songs. Days off. Communication. Forgiveness. X-Files. Coupons. Hugs. Kisses. Babies. Kids.

Lesson 8:
I am pleased we live in a Country who affords it's citizens the right to vote, or to not. The right to assemble, or the right to make fun. The right to shout "Amen" from the mountain tops, and the right to call "BS!" just as loud. I'll take the opposing views right along side of mine because it's a testament to that freedom. I would never want to live in a place that mandates how I feel, what I believe, what I can say, where I can work, or what I wear. Our Country and it's systems are far from perfect but I still remain thankful to live here.