Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lesson Six: Through The Blurr

I went to bed last night with a terrible headache that has snuck up on me randomly over the past few days. I woke up thinking I was fine only to quickly realize I was not. I tried to clean a blurry spot off of my glasses this morning and then realized that um, nope, that's not a spot, that's MY vision.

I've had migraines off and on since I was in 5th grade. On top of a terrible headache, I experience an upset stomach, shakiness, and distorted vision. The vision is the worst for me because it makes me extremely anxious on top of everything else. In the past when I have tried to "push through", I end up fainting.

Wanna scare the pants right out off your significant other? Try walking when feeling this way only to have your legs give out and collapse in a heap of pitiful. Yeah. He hates it when his heart stops. Go figure.

Giving my past tendencies with these, he was very encouraging of me doing nothing but laying down and trying to rest. I had half the kids ready for Church when I decided that I probably shouldn't go, so he took the top three while I stayed home with John. John's nap time coincides with when they leave for church, so I knew I could have a few hours of interrupted sleep.

Unfortunately that rest didn't totally eliminate the butcher knife from slicing through the center of my brain, but I felt much more stable than I did in the early hours. I took it easy and now feel a bit less like Zombie Melissa and a little more like my normal self. Which is good because tomorrow is Monday and I have a bunch of stuff to do in preparation.

As I was feeling like crap, I was begrudgingly looking for things to be thankful for because, honestly, I just wanted to shake my fist and stomp my feet, though that probably would've made me puke in that condition. Deep down, I'm a huge, pouty baby when I'm sick.

Alas. I did come up with a few things.

- Crock pots. I woke up and put stuff in that magical cooking device and then didn't have to worry about feeding or cooking anything the rest of the day. Sans crock pot, pretty sure kids would've fended for themselves and ended up eating cereal with coke instead of milk. Or pickles and yogurt topped with chocolate syrup. Or Halloween Candy milkshakes.  John would've been content with scaling the counters, then cabinets to find something yummy, or messy. Most likely the latter. They are kids. They cannot be trusted. So, thanks for havin' my back, crockpot.

-Wilo. Thanks for braving church solo and for taking Jake to work with you. You're the bestest.

-God. Thanks for understanding that missing church for one week doesn't exclude me from Your family. Again, going to church doesn't make me a christian - what is in my heart does. Thanks for that. Thanks also for not allowing John to choke on whatever it was in his lasagna that made him try to do so. That was scary, yo. I appreciate your heavenly hand intervening.

-YOU. Yep. YOU. You've been reading along this week! Yippie. Imagine that - I post consistently; you read consistently. Brilliant how that works out.

Alright. Amazing Race to watch, chores to do, rest to catch.

Best wishes for a fantastic week!