Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lesson One: Obscene Laundry, Needed Rest, Extended Grace

Lesson One in our L2B Thankful lessons:

Today I was thankful for......

.....my dryer being fixed. Not having laundry utilities in a family of six where girls change their clothes in a blink of an eye, Mr. Mayhem moonlights as Sir Spills A Lot, and an eldest fellow who wrestles dirt daily, spells disaster. I had - and still have - a TON of laundry to do, but that means we have clothes, towels, blankets and mismatched socks to wear.

.... A One hour nap I took in the middle of the day. I have not been sleeping well at all the past few nights. In 72 hours, I think I have slept maybe 12 hours. Not good. I had intended to close my eyes while both babies were napping, but alas, they both decided to thwart that plan and staggered their sleeps. Right when I was on the verge of very tired tears, Wilo stepped in and told me to go lay down for a bit before he left for work. I woke up to dishes being done and floors vacuumed. It meant much.

....We paid our bills - we have a place to live, electric, and Internet for the next month.

....I am thankful I didn't react to a very mouthy, very rude teenage girl who was intimidating the preschoolers outside today. I honestly wanted to smack her, though I've never smacked anyone in my whole life. I did come in and write a very snotty FB status which I later deleted because I was heavily, heavily convicted about the words I used. I called her "trashy, mouthy and foul". Upon hearing more about her from the neighborhood kids, she is a 14 year old girl with her tongue, bellybutton and nipples pierced, as well as some tattoos. Apparently she will show you if you ask. I do not wish to judge, but my gut tells me that she has absolutely no positive parental involvement. Maybe she reacted the way she did because she wishes she had a mama who would stand up for her. Maybe she's never been taught respect.  I don't know. I do know that conviction changed my perspective. While what she was doing was very uncalled for and not acceptable, I am certain there are probably some deeper issues. As hard as it is - and as much as my earthly nature just wants to react in Anger - I have to choose to extend Grace and pray for her and her family. It isn't easy but it is the right thing to do.

....After all that, I am thankful for my own parents who raised me much better and instilled in me the value of respect and how to stand up for yourself honorably.

....Apparently someone broke in and stole 95% of the chocolate out of the Halloween Bags. The bright side to this is the kiddo's have less unhealthy - though delicious - junk to eat. I remain hopeful that the culprit will never, ever be caught and will still fit into her jeans next week.