Friday, November 4, 2011

Lesson Four - One Minute To Spare

15 minutes left to post before the calendar flexes its' mini arms and makes tomorrow appear. Though, we all know that it's not tomorrow until you go to bed and wake up for the day.

I did just wake up, but not from bed.

I couldn't keep my eyes open past 8pm. John was down for the night, Abby was listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, Jake was watching episodes of Dirty Jobs and Raegan cuddled up next to me with well worn toy catalogues from Sunday's paper.

I dreamt like a crazy person - dreams of humor, fear, love, heartbreak and general oddball - off the wall - kind of crap. I hate dreams sometimes as much as I love them. What gives your subconscious the right to make you feel emotion that you didn't want to feel? Obviously, you've repressed that crap for a reason. Obnoxious.


I am thankful for not having to babysit tomorrow. I am thankful for Starbucks recently being cheaper than all other store bought "good" coffee, even with a coupon. I am thankful my kids ate their Sheppards pie after balking at the idea and telling me it looked more like mush than an actual pie - pies have Delicious buttery, flaky shells filled with sweet deliciousness, apparently. I am thankful for a husband who misses dinner every night because he works diligently to support his family as his wife is just much too pretty to work.

(Calm down feministas, that's a JOKE).

I am thankful for this: "Your past sins do not define you. Your painful scars do not define you. Your present sufferings do no define you. They are just shards of brokenness that God will use to lovingly refine your beauty." - Gwen Smith, From Broken into Beautiful.

I am thankful it is but one minute before midnight.