Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lesson 15: Warmth

I fell asleep after the kids were in bed - which as I've mentioned before has been my typical, ultra glamorous routine lately. I wake up an hour or so later, drink something caffeinated and get on with the rest of my night.

Healthy? Doubtful.

I woke up a little bit ago in the worst way - HOT.

Evidently, Jakob (he's always the culprit) decided to turn the heat up to the blazing inferno mark on the thermostat.

I hate waking up feeling smothered by the heat. All I really wanted to do was complain and moan and lock up the darn thermostat, hotel style.

As I was grumbling and changing in to a tank top and sleep shorts in the middle of November, a little voice echoed in my head.

"At least you are warm..."

I promptly rolled my eyes at the sentiment.

"Saw that", it said and then repeated it's purpose....

"At least you are warm...At least you can heat your home to the point where you are TOO hot..."

I tried to throw something at the nagging voice of thankfulness, but missed.

"HA! You missed. You always miss. You know you are terrible at throwing ANYTHING." (Such a true story.)  It continued..."At least you are warm, you have a home to heat, four walls and a roof blocking the wind, somewhere someone wishes they had the same...."


Lesson 15: I am thankful for my home and heat strong enough to make me gasp for air. I am grateful for that little voice in my head always reminding me to be thankful.