Tuesday, November 1, 2011

L2B Thankful

I am an eternal optimist.

That's not to say that I'm always wearing my cheerleading uniform and never come across anything that leaves me wondering who took my half-full glass, poured it all over the floor and left it for me to clean up. It happens. But, I truly believe that if you look hard enough you can find the good in whatever you face.

I realize it doesn't come easy for all of us and the uniform doesn't always fit. If being grateful, or thankful, doesn't come naturally to you, you are not alone. No one likes to be uncomfortable or suffer inconvenience. We prefer things to go smoothly. It is natural to desire a pain free life and problem free circumstance. It absolutely feels better, and it's just EASIER to travel down life's path without speed bumps. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that. You show me one person who has never faced adversity and I will unplug them because they are a robot.

On a greater level,  our culture promotes a level of dissatisfaction with what we currently posses. We are bombarded with messages to upgrade and trade-in for the newer, faster, better product. We want better cars and bigger homes and sacrifice much to obtain them. While there is nothing wrong with wanting these things and working diligently, there is something wrong with being so focused on the future that we fail to stop and appreciate what what we have now.

The good news: If you are willing to change your mindset, you can learn to be grateful and increase your thankfulness.  By simply stopping every day and putting effort in finding ONE THING worth being thankful for, you will begin to recondition your mind and develop a more thankful personality. As the following days come, it will be easier and easier to find more and more things deserving of thanks.

Trust Me. You can do it.

I'm going to show you how. Each day leading up to Thanksgiving, I am going to post what I was grateful for that day.  I am certain since I am doing this publicly, that there will most definitely be days where this is very difficult. I feel like I am placing a big target on my back to receive days where I just don't WANT to be thankful. I do not anticipate this as always being easy.

I'm gonna do it anyways because I really like how this uniform feels and am certain you will look fantastic in it, too.

I'm going to call this series as L2BThankful.

(L2B = learn to be, in geekspeak.)

My first post will follow later today.

In the mean time, I am thankful for all of you reading my words.