Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gobble. Cough. Gobble.

I haven't posted since Thursday because I stopped being thankful.


I've just been busy.


We've been sick.

John came down with it first Sunday afternoon - fever, cough, congestion, all around pitifulness.The only thing that could make him feel better was ME. He was stucktomelikeglue.

At one point, I had to start praying aloud because I started to become very anxious about everything there is to do around here and everything that has been put on hold due to his sickies. I was overwhelmed with the feeling to just care for him first and foremost; Everything else will fall into place.

Praise Jesus he's on the mend now and spent today making up all the mayhem he's had to put on hold.

Raegan has it now, but seems to be fairing better than her littlest brother.

I came down with it this evening, in the midst of a million things to do for Thursday.

So that's my deal.

If I do not make it back on here - I genuinely hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Look around you - You can find something to be thankful for - all of you.