Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Belated Lessons 13 & 14: Redemption and Runaway Babies

Lesson Thirteen: In a heavenly follow up to Lesson Ten, I am thankful for the sermon on Sunday. It went along with what I was feeling earlier in the week.  I am thankful for God who knows every single bag full of old hurt, old emotion, we carry around. He wants nothing more for us to give them to Him and trust in His power to redeem it.

Webster defines Redeem as such: To Free from what destresses and harms; to free from captivity by payment of ransom;  to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental; to release from blame or debt; to change for the better; to repair and restore.

He can - and will - do all of that, if we only trust Him.  Isn't that awesome? To look at your old hurts and know that He is powerful to free you from it, to repair it, to change it for the better? AMEN.

Lesson 14: I have a really bad habit of becoming really introverted sometimes. The day to day of life becomes overwhelming and I will rarely step foot out my door unless absolutely necessary. I know this about myself and really have to fight against it during those periods where I naturally am inclined to be such. I had been feeling very burdened to go visit a good friend who has had to feel the brunt of my seclusion. As understanding and kind as people can be, it's sometimes taken personally.

Apparently John sensed the need for me to go visit her, too. When the big kids went outside and left the door open, he escaped right behind them and right to her door. (Don't worry, he didn't cross any streets, Praise Jesus).  His mayhem sparked what I hope to be many more visits. I appreciate her understanding THIS MUCH. And like most good friendships, despite time and circumstance, you kind of pick up where you left off. I felt like that yesterday. I am thankful for her, the friendship, and the visit.