Tuesday, November 1, 2011

16 Months

Dear John:

Today you realized that not only could you open the downstairs bathroom door, climb up on toilet, and mess with the light switches, but also that you could now reach the sink and turn on the water. You probably did this at least 35 times, and I am not exaggerating to be funny. I have never known a baby so committed to his own mayhem. Our house is not that big, so of course, I heard you each time you thought you were being slick. Every time I came to take you out of there you looked at me with such brilliant twinkle in your eyes and flashed me that charming smile. It is unfair you are able to use such tactics.

Seriously though, I look at you everyday completely awestruck that I could grow such a handsome, adorable little boy. You take my breath away and not just because you're about to jump off of something or flush something down the toilet. You are wickedly bright, and though you don't speak as much as your sisters did at this point, I venture to say you are in fact, my brightest child yet. You have this habit of saying a word once or twice, i.e. Banana, and then refusing to say it again. You clarified this when you told me that you were not a circus animal and would not preform on command.

This month you sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Ee-Ii-Ee-Ii-Oooo. You HATE my cow sound. It's so funny. Like any good mom, I always throw the cow in there just to see your reaction.

You also play Paper - Rock - Scissors with your older sister, Raegan. I am so appreciative of this feat, because between the two of you, this game could  go on for hours. I am not convinced that you realize exactly what you are doing, but you do beat her sometimes. You two are developing a very special relationship.

I love you so much, John. We all do. This time two years ago, I was just learning of your existence. I was very unsure of what another baby would mean to our family and whether or not I could handle another child. I questioned God as to what He was doing. I wasn't supposed to have another child, not then. But, Praise His Holy Name, He sure did know what He was doing. He knew all the love you would share and how much I needed you without even knowing it. He knew that two years later, I would look at you and never be able to imagine life without you. He knew you would be special. He knew you would complete me individually while completing our family. I am grateful for you, every single day.



p.s. Mooooooooooooooo.