Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Lamest Debate - Stay At Home Mom vs Working Mom

Remember all those previous posts where I offer excuse reason after reason as to why I don't blog daily? Just go visit those; I am tired of my same ol' slacking nonsense and can't bring myself to type it once again.

This mothering gig is tough sometimes and occupies most of my time.

Actually, it never stops! And, the payroll department here is disastrously awful because I have yet to receive any actual compensation during my ten year tenure. I mean, I treasure the hugs and kisses and insurmountable love but the last time I tried to pay for my Starbucks with those, mama received some pretty funny looks, drunk accusations and NO coffee. Who knew?

Working mother. Studying Mother. Stay At Home Mother. Single Mother. Married Mother.  Divorced Mother.

Motherhood is hard for all of us. 

Perhaps that is why I am so annoyed by this E-Book that recently hit the interwebz and earlier this week served as a topic in one of my favorite writers' blog. To be fair, I haven't read the entire book (just the free preview), but the very title annoys me so much that I'll never buy it: Welcome to My World: Stay-at-home moms vs. Working moms, 13 bloggers debate who has it easier.


(There is no adequate way for me to inflect all the ugh-ness in the above UGH, but trust me, it's plenty.)

This whole "debate" is so tired, so worn out and so LAME. A Google search of "Stay At Home Moms vs Working Mom's" produces over 173,000,000 matches. Countless arguments as to which side is better, which side is smarter, which side is easier, which side is safer, which side produces Nobel Peace Prize winners and which side produces con men.

Why is there even a "side" when there is no clear winner, no right choice, no magic equation?

When we separate ourselves into these classifications - division is defined where unity should prevail. We alienate ourselves from our greatest support systems - other mothers.

Women who, despite what they do during the day, understand what it is like to love someone so much that it literally hurts sometimes. Women who understand how hard it can be to turn down an exciting invitation to a fancy dinner in lieu of tickets to a first grade musical. Women who understand how easily the needs of others surpass the needs of yourself.

Women who understand simply because we share the same title, regardless of our chosen profession.

The title of MOM.

Stop this debate, yo! Be kind, be friends, be respectful. We all might learn a thing or two, when we stop debating the "other side".