Saturday, October 22, 2011

Clear Communication

I hear him babbling in the wee hours of the morning.

I'm able to pick out a few words, words like mama, night night and ball amidst his chatter.

He suddenly starts laughing hysterically, perhaps his monkey shared a joke or perhaps he is devising his menacing plans of the day.

He becomes irritated. The monkey starts to bore him and his "Mama" chants change tone and become very direct and demanding.

The sun is not yet up but I know it is time for me to rise.

I tip toe past his bedroom to the bathroom, hoping he doesn't see me.

He does.

His cries are now hysterically loud and full of emotion. I can tell his feelings are hurt. He thinks I have forgotten him.

This breaks my heart over the 30 seconds I am occupied. "Hold on, Buddy!" I proclaim. "I'll be right there!"

I peek my head into his room and he giggles, his tear stained face now completely lighting up, his smile taking on the role of the sun who has yet to make it's appearance.

Everyone else is still sleeping and it's terribly early on a Saturday. So I take him into my room, into my bed.

He lays by me, strokes my hair, traces the contour of my face with his little hand. Kisses my mouth and tries to pick my nose. More kisses come and he pats my back.

I am tired but my heart soars. I love him so very much. I want to stop time so that I can relive this intimate heart felt affection over and over and over.

This goes on for a while. His patting slows and his breathing changes. I think to myself - he's falling back asleep!

He reads my mind and instantly proves me wrong. He is up and moving about the room. I pull him back on to the bed and give him a cell phone. He is hip to this distraction and tosses it aside. He's back off the bed, over to the windows, on his tippest of tippy toes trying desperately to see out - he whispers "oww-siiii", longingly. He finds his way over to the dresser and climbs into one of the small cabinets that is just the right size for folded sweaters or a nearly 16 month old baby. I'll pick the clothes up later. He laughs and sings something that sounds very similar to "Where are youuuuuu?", one of his favorite games.

He climbs back on to the bed unexpectedly. He dives under the covers next to me. Puts his arms around me and whispers: "Nigh, Nigh Mama". I close my eyes as he strokes my hair once again. I whisper, "Ok, John, Night Night. Let's go sleepy sleepy".  I peak and his eyes are closed ever so tightly.

I close mine again, hopeful.

He pokes me in the eyes. Both hands, both fingers, both eyes.

He scampers off my bed, over to that dresser. Pulls out a skirt and brings it to me.

I laugh. I believe he is trying to tell me something. 

Off he goes.

It is time to get up.