Friday, September 16, 2011

Fabulous Four Farewell

If I said that I truly enjoyed every child that came through my doors, I'd be lying. There are some that are definitely more fun to be around and some that are well, just annoying and some that just make me shudder thinking about them. I do not wish to be sound mean, but it is the truth! It is also the nature of children.

One of the ones that I find delightful is another 4 year old little girl who we'll call K.  She is a beautiful child, smart as a whip and pretty darn funny. She is one of those kids that you can just look at and know that she'll be successful in whatever she chooses to do. She is very girlie but not as high maintenance as you would imagine. I find her to be very easy going and pretty laid back. She and Raegan have played together for a couple of years now, and for the most part get along pretty well. I say "for the most part" because they both share a bit of a diva-esq attitude at times and they both are female, so occasional tiffs becomes part of the territory.

K was over today and I over heard some great expressions between her and Raegan:

"Hey Raegan, Do you remember when I saw you in heaven before God sent us to our mommies?" (They were talking about babies)

"K, I only like frogs when there are princes in them..."
(As they were talking about frogs)

"Raegan, this dress is soooo cute I just want to kiss it!"
(As they were playing dress up girls on the computer"

They were both just so pleasant and played so well together. It was one of those moments where I just wanted to take a snap shot of it and keep them both so young and innocent forever. Not only because I will blink and they will both be 16, but also because K is moving this weekend - in addition to being friends, the girls have also been neighbors.

Despite K's promises of, "I will still see you every day!" to Raegan, I know this will not be the case. Although they are not moving far, never again will they be able to open their front doors and play together. While I am happy for her and her mama, it is also kind of sad.

Best of luck to little Miss K and her family - we really will miss you!