Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Decade Later - In Rememberance

Thinking of those who woke this morning, ten years ago, as if it were a normal day. Moms & Dads who hugged their babies for the last time, wives & husbands who kissed nonchalantly as there were many more chances, sons & daughters who watched a parent drive away....I wonder if they would've spent those last moments differently had they known what awaited them.
 As a generation, we talk about how this day changed so much. Arguably, it has. Yet, Most of us were spared the deep and profound losses that not only shaped a country, but countless individual families.  
My thoughts are heavily with them this morning, on this decade anniversary. 
My prayers also go to those loved ones who remember the brave service men who have since risked and lost their lives ensuring this does not happen again by pursing those foes and serving their country.