Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remebering My 30th

I had an absolutely wonderful Birthday!

It started shortly after midnight when a neighbor friend knocked on my door and delivered me one of my favorite cakes ever, complete with a candle and birthday sentiments.

Wil returned home from work shortly there after armed with a ton of birthday goodies for me to enjoy. He went out of his way to make today special for me - and I cannot thank him enough. August is a busy month for us with my birthday, our anniversary, Jakob's Birthday and the start of school - so, he has never been able to have my birthday off. He made sure to make it a priority this year and set out to treat me like a queen. He accomplished his goal, and I am soooo thankful to have him and to have had such a blessed day.

My birthday was filled with my favorite things - here are some glimpses.

(Not pictured: The beauty of sleeping in while he made a huge, delicious breakfast complete with sausage gravy that was so good I could have bathed in it; My four beautiful children and their many hugs; the plethora of  Happy Birthday wishes from facebook friends; the visit from a dear friend who has always made a point to remember my birthday; the neighborhood kids each knocking on my door and wishing me well multiple times - complete with song; the long awaited book I have heard much about; and my sweet, sweet Wilo.)