Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Birthday - Spartan Style.

Jakob celebrated his eleventh birthday today - 11!


There were two things he was very specific about wanting on his special day: Filet Mignon and a Sparta cake. (Yes, THAT Sparta. Wilo and Jake both share a love for history, violence, and warriors. I don't discourage it, figure it is bonding, right? )

I knew the fancy steak would be rather easy to accomplish as his papa has worked at the shwankiest fine dining steak house in town for a very long time. Aaaand, he would also be home to cook the darn thing because the last time I tried to cook us very expensive steak, very fancy like, it turned out to be such a sad waste of what could have been a very delicious meal. Who knew you could butcher the cow twice?! I totally should have waited for Wilo, sigh. I digress. Jake had a elegant dinner to celebrate his day - wine glasses and classy construction paper menu included.

I was not sure how we were going to accomplish the SPARTA! cake. We spent last week looking online for ideas and came up short. Apparently there is not a huge market for reasonably priced SPARTA! figurines. Also, unlike the girls birthdays who always seem to fall when things are peachy financially, I could not call up our favorite, fancy bakery to make our creative ideas into an edible masterpiece.  I told Wil to just stop and pick out a cake, or cupcakes, or ice cream cones from the grocery store last night, and ultimately Jakob would be happy with whatever we found.

Wilo came home and proudly showed me the cake he had, and also a tube of black icing. I say: "Oh, good! So, we can write Happy Birthday on it, yes?" He says: "No, so I can make him a SPARTA! cake."  Um....Ohhhkaaay.

That man is a good one for so many reasons, but this one just took. the. cake.

Jakob absolutely LOVED it when he saw it today. I mean, giggling with delight kinda loved it. I was too busy tearing up,smiling and giggling with him to take a picture but it was priceless and made his entire day. I am smiling right now remembering his pure, Spartan joy.

Thanks to Wilo - the best dad ever!