Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good Bye Summer, Hello School Year.

School starts in the morning!



Things I will miss about Summer Vacation:
  • Sleeeeeping in (as much as a mom of four possibly can)
  • The company of all four of my children home together
  • The silliness induced laughter
  • 8 extra hands
  • NO homework (shhhh. Homework is not fun, even as a parent)
  • Varying bedtimes
  • Morning God Time
  • Singstar competitions (man, oh man, I do love that game)
  • Flip flops and Tank Tops (dumbest dress code restrictions, ever)
  • Exhausted Children (playing outside all day really does do that to them! God bless nature.)
Things I will NOT miss about Summer Vacation:
  • My door bell ringing every 5 minutes
  • My door opening and closing every 5 minutes
  • The bickering over the smallest of things (like, "Who is the better_______"? Insert something trivial here: singer, sewer, dancer, prancer, etc.)
  • Having neighboring children tattle on other neighboring children (Go tell YOUR mom!)
  • Hearing, "I'm hungry!" every 15 minutes
  • Sharing the computer
  • Arguing over whether or not swimming = bathing (It does not, in case you were wondering)
  •  Dirty bath water after playing outside all day (seriously. gross.)
  • Varying bedtimes ( I do appreciate when 8pm = quiet!) 
I am as sad to see summer go as I am happy to see the school year arrive. There are pros and cons to both. I am excited and hopeful for my top two children this academic year, and hope we all contribute and commit to the best year yet.