Friday, August 5, 2011

13 Months

Dear John,

I totally meant to write you this letter on the day of your first birthday, but alas, I was too busy keeping you from purchasing a one way flight to Nepal and climbing Mount Everest. Or maybe I was too busy making sure you didn't escape to do that triathlon you were eyeing. Or was I too busy ensuring you wouldn't board that plane with the sole purpose of jumping out of it?

Point is: YOU keep me BUSY.

Seriously, fellow. You never, ever stop. You are the most physical, active baby I have had the pleasure to parent. You are also tenacious and fearless. The look that crosses your eyes when you have climbed something is one filled with pure delight, excitement and utter naughtiness. You know you're not supposed to climb these things but you just can't help yourself. While that is enough to make most parents shriek with rightful fear - what makes me shudder is the expression you wear when something is extra dangerous. If you have reached a higher height on a shaky pinnacle you LAUGH. Full out, belly, LAUGH.  I'm assuming your laughing because you love the rush, but you very well could be laughing at the twisted expression of fear that now crosses my face.

You're also very bright at this stage - you know to go to the refrigerator when I ask you if you want "more". You understand the word "No!" but obviously don't always obey. I can ask you to find any of your siblings - or your bottle - or Dora - or a Car -  and you walk around with this adorable expression, your arms and shoulders doing the universal sign for "where". It's really quite enjoyable for me to watch your understanding and comprehension grow.

While your actions prove understanding - you're a bit on the quiet side. You chant irritated, "Ma Ma Ma Ma's" in the morning when you awake, and you say, "Da, Da, Da, Da" when you see your Daddy. You will pick up a play phone and say "Hiiiiiiii" but other than that your vocabulary consists of babble, banshee like screeching and lots of laughter. Don't feel like I am putting unnecessary pressure on you to start reciting Shakespeare or anything, but I can't wait for the day where you and I actually converse. I would gather by this time next year, God Willing, you and I will be discussing current events....or Yo Gabba Gabba.

Aside from climbing every. single. thing. Your favorite hobbies include trying to depants me (I wear a lot of skirts and when my hands are busy and I am unable to pick you up that very second, you try to climb me!). You also enjoy wrecking havoc on Barbie outings organized by your sisters. You like to pretend you are a Giant and stomp companies of  your older brother's army men. You carry around an old PlayStation controller because you were so intrigued by everyone else's. You also love to sit in a pile of baby books and babble to all of the pictures.

You are NOT a fan of clothes, so much. It's summer time, and your a boy, sooo, I induldge you in wearing just a diaper around most of the time. Enjoy though, before too long, it will be socially unacceptable to lounge around in your skivvies!

You are incredibly happy and always smiling. You're kissing your mama now, and I love them. Though, they are more like awfully sloppy, slobber filled, open mouth attempts to eat my face, but I still love them. You become very jealous when your daddy kisses me, or your siblings want to cuddle. You wiggle your way in between anyone who seeks my physical attention, as to show, that hellooo... I am yours, and you are mine.

Out of all four of my children, you are the only one that I have had the opportunity to parent full time- from birth on. I worked with each of your older siblings while they were infants, and left the workforce when Raegan was 14 months.  I am incredibly grateful, and parenting you has satisfied something in me that I hadn't realized I was so seriously lacking - the art of nurturing an infant in the way it was intended - with ME as the primary care giver.

I love you, my sweet baby John. I am so thankful that God knew what He was doing by matching the both of us up so perfectly.