Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life > Internet

Yeah, I fail at blogging these days.

Wil and I had this 'awakening', if you will, a month or so ago. Since then we have identified ways to better our family, our marriage and our lives. The number one way, and the most significant, is a total family focus, faith based, love driven dependence on God. That's the biggie; I'll get to that in a few.

Aside from that, there are many things that I can do personally to better our current relationship and family dynamic. I, ahem, am not perfect. Shocking, for me too, let me tell you.

One of those prime areas is being conscience of the time I spend on the Internet. You see, I love me some information super highway time. Remember when you were in 3rd grade and you said, "Man, I love Ketchup!", or "Man, I Love OSU!" or, "Man, I love NKOTB!" and your friends would say, "Well, if you love it so much, why don't you marry it??". Yeah, that kinda love. Except for the fact that I am actually married.  To a fellow. A Real life one, no less.

It is very easy for me to lose track of time while I read my well written, often inspiring list of Mommy Blogs. I can joke and chat with long lost friends and laugh at the absurdity of Facebook until I realize that I've talked more online to people I never see, than I have with my lady neighbor friends. I can fill an hour with the often amusing junk on, and I can also spend more time reading online devotionals (which I do value, treasure and enjoy) than I have in my own actual bible.

Now, all this Internet face time is A-OK if you have nothing else to occupy your time. But, that's just it. I *always* have something else available to fill my time. Their names are Jakob, Abby, Raegan, John and my beloved Wilo. It's called parenting, caring for this household, strengthening my marriage, flirting with my husband and cultivating my relationship with Jesus.

I am not at all saying the Internet is bad news (though several faucets of it, certainly fit that description) but I am saying for me, I have to limit it and focus more on the world around me. And you know what, after the initial twitches wore off, I find that actually enjoy being off the computer and Wil and I can actually talk to each other!

Though, I need to get better at finding a balance and cut out some time to write daily. I do enjoy it so. 

Thank you for reading and for caring.