Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heavenly Hiatus


Hello There.

Returning to writing after a long hiatus is much like seeing a long term, valued friend after spending some time spent apart. Without saying a word, the friend can usually tell how life has been treating you. Smiles and bright eyes give way the emotion of joy, troubled eyes and forced expressions tell of a rough spot in this life journey.

My expression exclaims both as of late.

And, trust me.

I want to write about it all very badly. However, it's not just about ME!, so I must refrain at the moment. As we progress through this, and it becomes part of our story, I DO plan on sharing our experience.

For now....

All I can tell you is that God turned a tragic situation into something beautiful. I hear He does that often, should you pray, trust and obey. He can do that for you too, should you turn to him.  He's there - knocking on your heart, waiting to help. He is a gentleman though; he won't enter by force, you must invite him in....  He will meet you wherever you are - and it's NEVER too late to make him part of your life or to give more of yourself to Him.

Crazy changes around this Hunziker House - and they are all to the credit of Jesus and all for the best.


Thank you very much to all of you who have prayed for my family the past several weeks. You know who you are - and I will forever be grateful. Your prayers, encouragement and faith made a HUGE difference in this situation.

Anyways - I am hoping to catch back up on blogging and picture taking. I haven't taken a single picture since I have had to confront this storm, and I look forward to remedying that.

Once I find my camera....

(Some things never change....)