Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Break Up With WoW - Unplugged.

Orignially written on March 1, 2011 but never posted.

Ok. So. I've fully admitted my natural geeklicious-ness. But, I'm about to flaunt it. Full force - like one nerdy, beautiful peacock.  Just stay with me for minute - I'll try to redeem myself with a minimal number of words.

I broke up with World of Warcraft.

Yep, THAT game. The super huge, South Park spoofed, billion dollar, online game.

Basically - Wilo started playing it, while I adamantly hated it. Despised it. We used to full out argue about him spending his free time developing this video gaming hobby. For a very tech savvy wife - I just didn't 'get it'.  In my mind, I was irritated that a game was keeping him from spending time with ME, when I was right there.Cause, HELLO, it IS all about ME, you know.

Soon I realized that the fight was really stupid. So what that he was playing a game on the computer while I surfed the internet or watched TV. We had 2 kids and a newborn at that time, so we weren't going out anywhere. Wil wasn't ditching me to go to the bar every night, or excluding me from it. He asked me several times to play. I finally gave in one day.

I wasn't hooked, at first. But, I did like how happy it made him to see me nerding it up beside him. I started to realize that the game was also heavily internet social. There was actual human interaction between real people behind an onscreen avatar. Wilo and I played together but quickly made online friends. It was a lot of fun.


It kinda ruled all my free time. It's crazy consuming like that. You get sucked in I'm a natural born leader - not to pat myself on the back, but I am - and quickly, I found myself leading a rather large "guild". (Keep reading, I'll speed the nerd chat up). I also developed really good friendships with people whom I talked to every day. Then, I became pregnant and my world turn upside down, and WoW came crashing down off anytime of priority list.

Over the course of the past year and a half, I played less and less. Eventually I didn't play at all. I left the guild and it's members - my friends - to fend for themselves. I hurt their feelings because I just dropped off the face of Azeroth.

I feel bad about that part, but otherwise...

I blog more.

I broke up with WoW and now spend my evenings, HERE.

I like you SO MUCH BETTER.