Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wilo's Words of Wisdom

I am feeling THIS MUCH  better.

I just needed to talk to my hubby who despite anything else, knows me better than anyone.

And, I can't go into detail here about what he said to make me feel all better, but I can tell you about a completely different story that makes me laugh, and shows how he's just exactly what I need him to be at just the right moments.

When we used to play World of Warcraft a lot - we started playing with a group of 25 people or so. I was the only girl, and as I've mentioned before, my voice is hawttttt. Or so they say. So, pretty girl + pretty voice + geek tastick =  alot of attention. Well, enter in this chick from Australia, with an accent and an equally sexy voice + the fact she was exotic and single and somehow spent 24 hours a day on WoW diverted much of this nonsense attention to her and away from me. Not a big deal, right? Um, helllllooooo it was WoW for fuck sakes. Anyways. So, I start talking smack, semi-joking, mostly sarcastic about her attention whoring ways and how much I couldn't stand how easily the stupid men played into that. Seriously, it was obvious that she was seeking hot, nerdy, attention. Not my style so much.  So yeah, it did bother me, I guess - She WAS really annoying- and what does Wilo do?

Wilo looks at me and says:

"Oh,Whatever Melissa. You're beautiful. The Real Deal. And, besides you know she's like 400lbs and ugly as shit, right?"


Just what I needed to hear.

(In typical Melissa fashion, We eventually became friends and once I got to know her, I found her to be greatly misunderstood, and I almost felt kinda bad for her. You can't judge someone you don't really know, and each of us have our own quirks. If that's the only attention you can get, then so be it. All women are entitled to feel good, though we shouldn't setttle for less than we are worth.) 

He always has a way of putting things into perspective and making me laugh with his off color humor. Thank you for dealing with me Wilo when I most resemble a tyedied mess.