Monday, May 30, 2011

Thisclose But Not Quite

I am cooking dinner at the moment for my famished, exhausted lot - Roasted Chicken, seasoned potatoes, homemade coleslaw and old fashioned green beans.

Funny Tangent Conversation:
Raegan: Is that a real chicken?
Me: Yes. It's just a whole one, so you aren't familiar with it looking like that. 
Raegan: Is it a dead one?
Me: Well, yes. It has to be dead. 
Raegan: DADDY! When did you kill a chicken???

As I'm cooking, I'm thinking to myself how nice it is to have a later dinner sometimes, as late dinners remind me also of summer. I was thinking about how nice it will be to take it slow and relax after dinner.  My nighttime bathers could leisurely take their baths, and we could snuggle down and all watch a movie together without rushing to bed, as we don't have school in the morning....

....except that we do.

We are thisclose to summer, yet not there quite yet.


Funny Tangent AFTER Dinner
I'm reminding them they still have school and that baths are in order today. 
Jakob - who spent the weekend basically in the woods says, 
"But, I don't need a bath, I jumped in the Creek!"
Doesn't Count, Jake.
And, Um. Ewww.