Monday, May 30, 2011


Today actually feels like summer.

It's HOT. Like 90 degrees hot.

It feels good.

Jakob is Disc Golfing out in the country woods with his Papa and Uncles.

Abby is running around outside in her bathing suit with her girlfriends laughing, splashing and playing thanks to a kind mama (not me! hehe).

Raegan is watching Gnomeo and  Juliette - one of the cutest movies I've seen as of late.  She is desperately wanting to go outside but, she's simply exhausted from yesterday. It was very hot, and she was out most of the day. She stayed well hydrated and we had rest periods - but she still played her little heart out and ran her little legs off., I am trying to con her in to waiting until her dad returns home, has dinner, and then just she and he will go for a bike ride.

John is lazily sleeping after not taking a nap this morning and pretending during his normal naptime. He's really good about falling asleep on his own, in his own bed, IF he is tried and ready to sleep. If he is not, he cries and screams and yells and despite what some professionals deam as appropriate, I just cannot listen to him angrily cry and chant mamamamamama.  SO, I let his nap schedule remain flexible to his ques, as him falling asleep peacefully and after hugs, kisses and loves - is much more appealing to both he and I.

As for me, I'm confined to my porch or inside as the wee one naps for another hour and the big kids are away.  I'm really trying to read my Bible, trust my Heavenly Father and enjoy the moments I have today as so quickly it passes.