Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Vacation = End of MY Vacation

I've also been savoring the last few days of a big-kid free summer.


I am not feeling at all guilty about taking an hour or two to spend with my friend across the way most mornings, while the little kiddies eat their breakfast under Wilo's sleepy supervision.

I've been taking a long, glorious, phatty, nap every day having crazy dreams. The scariest one was bats landing on mine and Raegan's head - INSIDE - our house. I woke up trying to scream and swat them away. I thought Wilo was going to die laughing after he realized I wasn't having a panic attack or a strange seizure.

Dancing around a clean house by 8:30am,  listening to music,  because I know that once summer comes, it will be a constant game of pick up. Kids just bring messes where ever they go.

You could call me a daytime Music hog these days because I know that in a few weeks, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber and Katy Perry will fill my ears and I'll have to sneak some good stuff in between. Try as I might, I cannot stop the hold the pop music industry has on my 9 year old daughter.

I even had a cocktail or two before NOON! I even bragged about this to my father, as it's such a rare occasion.

I've also been watching every single movie I've put off so long as it has nudity and violence. Helllooooo, can't watch those with adolescents around!

I have been making these last few days ALL. ABOUT. ME.

Here is my song to the school year: