Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On Things Like Blogging

I always find it very amusing when people find out I blog. Most people wonder if it's some kind of hippie-esq jig I dance from time to time, or a bad case of something snot oriented, or an obscure health food I grow. If you are, or were, unfamiliar with this whole 'blogshphere', you are not alone.

My blog here is pretty straight forward and very representative of what it actually is -  My individual spot on the world wide web, where I can write whatever I want for a very, very small audience of family,  friends and former colleagues. I author my blog as a prime opportunity to better my writing ability, to share obnoxiously cute photos of my children, and to embrace this life long creativity that needs to escape. My posts are random in subject, though heavily focused on my family and music I like. I do not host ads to generate revenue, nor do I do much to promote and grow readership . When it comes right down to it, this blog is solely and selfishly, for me - I enjoy the challenge of becoming a better writer.

For many of you - my blog is the only you will read. While I adore that fact (I appreciate ALL the family, friends and colleagues who read), I am not a fair representation of this major, often underestimated, world of Mommy Blogging. (Go ahead and gag if you dislike that term, too. It's basically Mom's who blog.) Blogs written by mothers encompass a variety of platforms, agendas and topics - some very action oriented, or political, or humorous.

The most successful of Blogger's have put good ol' blood, sweat and tears into their craft by not only in writing insightful, captivating, entertaining posts, but also promoting, marketing and essentially building their own brand.

Through their own personal blogs, these women have become well known writers on many a popular Internet platform. It is through the relentless building of their brand, thousands of readers, and countless hours of social marketing that they have began to receive adequate compensation, aka wonderful extra money.There are hundreds of thousands of blogs - these women stand apart.

A brand new website was launched earlier this week, by a major ad agency of top bloggers. For people who are new to the world of blogs - it's a fantastic, easy to use, collection of some entertaining writers. You should check it out! It's called DailyBuzz Moms - can can be found here.

As for a quick personal list of my own favorites - here they are.  These are the pro's - the best of the best. The ones who get more page views in one hour, than I do all month. These are the ones I read every single day.

I have several more that I read a couple times a week - some super big, some super small. I have much love for anyone who attempts to write daily - and have found many an interesting blog randomly.

Thank YOU for reading my words. You have NO IDEA, how much I love it. And You.