Wednesday, May 11, 2011

John Vs. Food

John is now 10.5 months and for the past several weeks, he's been eating like a champ. 

No seriously. CHAMP I'm two seconds away from throwing him in a pair of overalls, jumping in the back of a beat up pick up truck, visiting the Ohio State Fair and entering him in some kind of eating contest. My kid wouldn't just eat yours under the table, he'd probably eat the table too, then start gnawing on your kid's toe. I'm not playing - the kid is no joke.

He eats 3 meals of what I call - regluar people food. We said good bye to baby food last month when he literally took a handful of my sandwich and shoved it in his mouth. Since then, whatever the rest of the family is eating, he normally is too. I cut up everything in to small pieces, and he goes to town. I make sure his meals are balanced, and if we have something too advanced for his tiny palate, or something overly unhealthy (...coney dog night...) - I have plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand.

He is in the 95% percentile on weight and height, so he's not overweight. He's big - but healthy and perfect. His appreiciation and curiosity for food is really fun for me.  I find it terribly amusing that his most vocal time is before, during, and after meal times. Connoisseur, I tell you.

I am enjoying him SO much.

He enjoyed his first ear of corn SO much, too.