Sunday, May 29, 2011

TobyMac - Irene

A good friend shared this with me a few years ago, when I was really struggling with something private, on top of deciding if I should continue to work outside the home. It was one of those songs that instantly made a connection with my soul and I've came back to it for issues big and small, and just because I truly love the message of this song. The second verse has always had very special meaning for me and has served as such a powerful reminder of how faithful God is - every second of every day. There have times since the moment this song first spoke to me, where I have listened to it over and over and over and over.

It's preformed by TobyMac, who is a long standing Christian artist - originally part of DC Talk. IF you remember from a long ago post - DC Talk was the very first concert I attended, and hold the spot as one of my most special albums of all time.


Hush little baby baby don't you cry
Daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby
Everything's gonna be alright
The Lord's gonna answer your prayer tonight
Hush little baby don't you cry
Daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby
Everything's gonna be alright
The Lord's gonna answer your prayer

Last night I had a dream you was the homecoming queen
Today you're 18, happy birthday Irene
Quit school you had to drop out to raise your little child
Doesn't seem to be anyone around
You got to reach up to touch rock bottom
The powers that be keep you downtrodden
Daughter of Zion, I heard your prayer
Just cast your cares and please beware of snakes
They come in all shapes and sizes
Tempt you, put scales on your eyelids
Don't waste your sorrows
They'll give you strength ... tomorrow
Your Calvary's about to come so
Keep your head up, don't you ever let up
This storm will pass you be ready for the next one

Hey little girl with the pressures of the world on your shoulders
Don't say that it's over
I heard your prayers, just cast your cares
And I'll be there so don't you fear


Irene I carried you when you was too weak to walk
I took to you when you gave your heart to God
Faithful and true, that's what I'll always be to you
Believe in you, believe in Me and these mountains have to move
You have dreams and aspirations
I knew you before creation
Your foundation's solid
I will give you a palace, restore your soul
You'll be up for any challenge
Many storms are on the way better sharpen your faith
Count the cost, take up your cross
And wear it every day
Rest in Me and I will give you strength
Blessed is she, Irene who seeks my face


Father I'm stronger than when I first believed