Monday, May 9, 2011

Celebrating Marvelous Mothers

I have a ton of writing to do soon. I also have a ton of house stuff to do to today too. We've been relaxing and enjoying the weekend.

Happy Mother's Day! Did you wish the Mother's in your life well? Did you treat them to anything special? If you are a mom, did you have a pleasant day of rest? Did you spa it up, or did you joyfully sleep it away? Any new bling, or a practical, though domesticated kitchen gadget?

I had an absolutely fantastic weekend, thanks to all of my loved ones. My bestest took me out for laughter, coffee and a bit of pampering. Wilo had to work, but made me a nice breakfast and I didn't have to make my own coffee (the most simplest, yet greatest thing anyone in this home can do for me), My house was cleaned, I was down a child with Abby at her friends for the previous overnight.  My mother in law brought be a special card, and we had a moment! She also surprised me with this darling anklet, and a couple pair of super cute flip flops I had been eyeing. The kids and I visited my parents and siblings (minus my knock out of a sister who is finishing up the last week of her 3rd year away at college. I am extremely proud of her, focusing on her education while playing collegic sports. SHE. IS. AMAZING!). I was surprised when Wilo greeted me at home, it was much slower than they expected. The kids played outside with their friends, and a simple cocktail with a friend helped me further unwind. I finished up the evening with comical conversation between our children, as well as a movie. It was easy peasy, and totally dope. I am thankful!

I am also extremely thankful to be the mama of four bright, beautiful, unique children. As I told Jake once, as I was sharing the story of how I never, ever, in a million years wanted children as I was growing up, and a young woman. Before I could finish the sentiment, he interrupted with this very sad, very concerned look on his face and said, "But, wouldn't you be sooooo lonely? Wouldn't your heart miss all the love?".  Oh yes, my sweet boy, it would. I am so glad God had his way, and not mine.

I hope you all celebrated with wonderful people and lots of hugs. Every single one of you are exceptionally special, and nurture in the most intimate, important way impossible. We are shaping our future! I have so much respect for all of my fellow mothers.

I'm gonna go dig into this task now, and rock my domestic duties.  We've spent too much time running around, smiling at the sunshine and kickin' the kiddo's would say. This is baby Johns' example of how we roll after bath time, and before heading out. He was like a gorgeous little man, tipsy off the bottle,  just chilling waiting for his woman (me!) to get the show on the road. ADORABLE.