Sunday, April 17, 2011

Told You I Wasn't Addicted To The Internet

Well, Hello There.

I dropped off the face of the virtual world this past week. Mostly in an effort to prove to my children that we could all live with out Internet. It wasn't something that I planned; it just happened. Our Internet went out on Tuesday, and the kids started teasing me about being addicted to the Internet - that I couldn't live without Facebook, or my articles, or my bloggers, or my own blog.  Obnoxious, I know. I mean, I love me some Internet THIS MUCH, but - I most certainly could live without it.

Or...Could I?

When I started to think about life without Internet, I realized it had been nearly 10 years since I hadn't had some form of Internet access - through a home connection, or while at work, or on my phone.


I had just finished lecturing the kids about Internet not being a true necessity and all the while, I've treated it as such, in a way. Of course, I would not, or have not, let my children go without in lieu of Internet's always been there.


I took this downtime as an inspiration to live without it for a few days. Beginning Tuesday night and going through Sunday, we were all disconnected....because I said so. None of the 3 computers were connected, nor was the play station allowed. I also didn't sneak or ask a friendly neighbor or two, or three to check my stuff really fast, either. Was I tempted? Ohhhh, yeah.

We all survived. We watched more movies in our free time. Raegan and I read more books - which was a win and a practice worth continuing. We played outside a lot - thankfully the weather was on my team.

I had all my housekeeping done by 9am. NO JOKE.  Instead of sitting down at the computer after the kids leave for school and enjoying my cup of coffee, I started straight away. I'm gonna try to keep that habit.

We did not miss it as much as I had anticipated; I proved the point to my children and maybe even to myself.  We CAN deal without Internet. We ARE lucky to have it. We are also smart, well rounded individuals who can find other things to do to occupy our time.

Shhh...All this being said, if I could give the Internet a Welcome Back hug, I so totally would. ;)