Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ten Months: John Vs. The Gate

I almost failed to notice that today was the 24th - maybe it was wishful thinking because that means today my baby is TEN MONTHS OLD.

Here are the first pictures of his tenth month. I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and had the gate (John's Archenemy Supreme) up so that he wouldn't be underfoot.  He despises that gate. He plots it's demise daily. I'm not kidding when I tell you that he tries - with all his little might - to climb over it. He cannot come close just yet; It drives him mad. I'll hear all this frustrated babble, and he'll be sitting there, looking right at it, giving it a piece of his mind.  I - on the other hand - am very pleased to see a barrier that he cannot defeat so I had to take a picture of his displeasure. He's cute even when he's pitifully pleading with me to take the gate down.