Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raegan's Shocking Revelation About Her Imaginary Friend Ahhhna

Remember Raegan's imaginary friends Ahhhna and Shawwna? 

They are still around.

Well, Ahhhna mostly.

She's still an unruly lot, that Ahhhna.

"Ahhhna's Mom let's her do that...", she'll say.


It's totally random...

...and totally hilarious.

Here is an example of the randomness of Ahhna - and the chattiness of Raegan.

She talks all. day. long.  Nonstop. I laugh at her a lot, but lord she can talk!

I love her imagination. Even if it's out there sometimes.

To keep in mind while watching...

1) Who knew Ahhhna was from wayyy back in the woods?  I totally wanted to make a West Virgina, Kentucky, or Tennesee joke BUT, I have friends in each state and refrained. I really did know someone from one of those states who really that. Gross.

 2) Disclaimer: She only references Zombies because she's heard her siblings talk about a movie they watched while away from our house. It was a spoof, and she wasn't even there to see it.  I am funny about movies, ask the kids. Anyhow, it's what she says AFTER the zombie part that makes me laugh the most.