Sunday, April 24, 2011

One Terribly Muddy Nutshell

You wanna hear something lame?

While I was up in the cursed early hours of the morning playing with pictures and uploading photos, I accidentally left the camera on while it was plugged into my computer.

SO, when I went to snap pictures this morning, the camera was completely dead.

See, told you that was lame-0.

I didn't snap any pics until very late in the afternoon. Long after the Easter Bunny visited and massive amounts of chocolates were consumed, after  fancy dresses hit the floor and after a birthday party/Egg Hunt...I finally snapped some pictures. They may not be typical Easter fodder, BUT, they are lovely none the less.

This is Raegan in a terribly muddy nut-shell.

(And don't was a play dress to begin with... )