Monday, April 4, 2011

How I Roll.

I started this really peaceful, relaxed post yesterday.

I was bragging about this fabulous pasta dish we were making for dinner and what a relaxing day we had, in general.The chicken for the dish was cooking and Baby John was at my feet playing with toys.

As soon as I typed the last period of the third sentence, John started losing interest in the things he was allowed to play with and began actively pursuing a plan of attack against my Internet tower and data cords and speaker wires. At the same time, the phone rang and Raegan demanded that dinner be done NOW and that our dessert should be consumed first. One thing after a-bloody-nother, I didn't make my way back to the computer the rest of the night.

Lame, right?

That's how I roll!

Envious, much?

So, right now, I'm typing as fast as my pretty little fingers can type and anxiously try to hear what is going on with all the kids while they are  in my living room. Sounds to be calm at the moment: Jake watching "How It's Made", Raegan coloring and Abby doing homework. Baby John is away scaling Mt. Everest at the moment, he plans to skydive in, right in time for dinner, I believe.

I have some big news regarding that little boy, but I'll get to that later today, hopefully.

For now, I'm off to check spelling, make tostadas, and ensure Baby John doesn't try to cook that boar he slew today.

I'll leave you with the Word of the Day before I go though....

Today's Word is: dapple.

1.A small contrasting spot or blotch.

2.A mottled appearance, especially of the coat of an animal (as a horse).

"I told him not to fret, the fushia skirt mixed in with his white chef coats only resulted in a small dapple, not a huge one....."