Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Ferociously Four Saturday

Raegan turned ferociously FOUR on Friday.

(Clever Alliteration, no? /bow)

We didn't do much on her actual Birthday, so I was very pleased when her Pa-paw & Ma-Maw (my mom and dad) surprised her with a big bag of goodies. I wish my battery had been charged on my camera - she was delighted.

We ate out for brunch, her Granny (my MIL) and I took her out shopping. We dressed her with brand new items from head to toe, and I bought her the barbie she's so desperately searching for....   She picked out candy, snacks, drinks and cupcakes to share with all of her neighborhood friends while they played outside ALL afternoon. It was a delightful day.

Her actual birthday party is next week when I hope to do a decorate your own cupcake party complete with hand sewn tutu's for all the little girls. (Don't hate, I'M not Martha, Granny is, only cooler and not as snobby).

It has been a very relaxing, delightful day.