Tuesday, April 12, 2011

City of G-Port

My home town is becoming an actual City! 

Apparently - any village with a population over 5,000 can qualify as a City. Data from the 2010 Census shows there are currently 5,363 residents versus the 3,865 residents in 2000.

Big Deal!

I love this little town City.

Even though it's grown in population (much due to residential development of former country areas) it still feels the same.

Driving down the main street (creatively named Main Street - HA!), I pass the same structures and houses that I did as a child. We pass the same Flower Shop (who eventually did the flowers for my wedding), the same Dairy Queen we'd walk to as a reward in Middle School.  The same corner store who sold me cigarettes underage more than a decade ago still sits. The old, historical houses seem to never change, yet are still so rich and stunning by their age and simplicity. I glance as we pass the elementary school and ball diamonds where so many evenings of my childhood were spent. I see playgrounds were I watched Fourth of July fireworks as a teenager, and then later as a mother. We pass the small town Golf Course that though quaint and quiet, always has people playing.

In an instant, you're through it.  Much like youth, in general.

People will sometimes joke - or poke fun - at my small town upbringing. I've heard all kinds of jokes about how everyone has a cow in their front yard, tomato plants growing in their flower bushes, tractors who slow down traffic by driving on the street, how John Deer attire doesn't ever go out of style.

I've dreamed about living in a bigger city, or a new state, or in the middle of Mountains. Life hasn't taken me down that path, and I perfectly OK with that. Despite the jokes - I'm proud to be from Groveport. I'm happy to raise my family here....in the CITY!