Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amusingly Random Wishing Bubbles

Raegan will be FOUR years old in 10 days.

She isn't asking for much....
.....just a REAL magic wand.

She is a tad wild, seriously spunky, and theatrically dramatic.
She is also terribly creative, highly imaginative, and very kind.

She's a bit of a handful, too. 
When asked why she did this - she said, "Well...Tigers have stripes!"  She didn't have to vocalize it, but the expression on her face said:      DUH.

"Amusingly Random" would also describe her at times.

I was sitting here just now as she is blowing bubbles around the living room while the others watch a movie. They are "Wishing Bubbles" in her world.

"Here is your Wishing Bubble, Mama! Make a wish before it pops!", she exclaimed.

I close my eyes, quickly open them wide and say, "OK! I wished!".

"Did you wish for Chocolate Cake, Mama? For me and you?!"

I know you are not supposed to lie to your children - or at all for that matter, but the sparkle, hope and anticipation in her eyes made me say, "YES, OF COURSE!!!".

She giggled, then floated and bounced away.....just like her bubbles.