Saturday, April 30, 2011

Flirting With The Pretty Neighbor

John likes to smile and laugh and make eyes at a pretty neighbor friend who gives him attention. She took these pictures the other day - How Adorable!

A Ferociously Four Saturday

Raegan turned ferociously FOUR on Friday.

(Clever Alliteration, no? /bow)

We didn't do much on her actual Birthday, so I was very pleased when her Pa-paw & Ma-Maw (my mom and dad) surprised her with a big bag of goodies. I wish my battery had been charged on my camera - she was delighted.

We ate out for brunch, her Granny (my MIL) and I took her out shopping. We dressed her with brand new items from head to toe, and I bought her the barbie she's so desperately searching for....   She picked out candy, snacks, drinks and cupcakes to share with all of her neighborhood friends while they played outside ALL afternoon. It was a delightful day.

Her actual birthday party is next week when I hope to do a decorate your own cupcake party complete with hand sewn tutu's for all the little girls. (Don't hate, I'M not Martha, Granny is, only cooler and not as snobby).

It has been a very relaxing, delightful day. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So True, Jerry, So true

Wagon Wheel

I cannot shout it loud enough: I love these guys SO much.

Instantly one of my favorite bands.

Here's another sampling of the music stuck in my head. I've listened to this a bunch today. There were a ton of good live recordings, but shot by  amateur camera phones. This is a solid version, though.

I love their voices in my ears.

Raegan's Shocking Revelation About Her Imaginary Friend Ahhhna

Remember Raegan's imaginary friends Ahhhna and Shawwna? 

They are still around.

Well, Ahhhna mostly.

She's still an unruly lot, that Ahhhna.

"Ahhhna's Mom let's her do that...", she'll say.


It's totally random...

...and totally hilarious.

Here is an example of the randomness of Ahhna - and the chattiness of Raegan.

She talks all. day. long.  Nonstop. I laugh at her a lot, but lord she can talk!

I love her imagination. Even if it's out there sometimes.

To keep in mind while watching...

1) Who knew Ahhhna was from wayyy back in the woods?  I totally wanted to make a West Virgina, Kentucky, or Tennesee joke BUT, I have friends in each state and refrained. I really did know someone from one of those states who really that. Gross.

 2) Disclaimer: She only references Zombies because she's heard her siblings talk about a movie they watched while away from our house. It was a spoof, and she wasn't even there to see it.  I am funny about movies, ask the kids. Anyhow, it's what she says AFTER the zombie part that makes me laugh the most.

Jamboree in the Hills

4 minutes technically left in the day. I've really been trying to stay committed to posting or writing at least something.

Whoops. 2 minutes now - I compulsively checked my facebook. Sigh. Don't hate, you know you do it too.

Anyhow - The word of the day is:


\ JAM-buh-ree \  , noun;
1. A carousal; any noisy merrymaking.
"I once went to a concert called Jamboree in the Hills; I think of it every time I see the word".
Did you ever go? 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When A Photo Doesn't Require Editing

I mentioned Picnik the other day - I absolutely love their photo editing software. First off - most of it is FREE, which is right up my alley. There is a paid service that allows full functionality of the site with a ton of cool features. If staying at home didn't = minimal expenses, I probably would pay the nominal fee.  I've been thinking about showing you some of the cool stuff - the before and afters - because I'm geeky delicious like that and I spend a ton of time editing pictures I take. It's entertaining and creative.

As much as I love playing with photos, I love it most when I take a picture or two that don't require ANY these:

God Bless Beautiful Babies! 
(These two look a lot like their mama at times! Raegan, most often, but John, none the less. )

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ten Months: John Vs. The Gate

I almost failed to notice that today was the 24th - maybe it was wishful thinking because that means today my baby is TEN MONTHS OLD.

Here are the first pictures of his tenth month. I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and had the gate (John's Archenemy Supreme) up so that he wouldn't be underfoot.  He despises that gate. He plots it's demise daily. I'm not kidding when I tell you that he tries - with all his little might - to climb over it. He cannot come close just yet; It drives him mad. I'll hear all this frustrated babble, and he'll be sitting there, looking right at it, giving it a piece of his mind.  I - on the other hand - am very pleased to see a barrier that he cannot defeat so I had to take a picture of his displeasure. He's cute even when he's pitifully pleading with me to take the gate down.

One Terribly Muddy Nutshell

You wanna hear something lame?

While I was up in the cursed early hours of the morning playing with pictures and uploading photos, I accidentally left the camera on while it was plugged into my computer.

SO, when I went to snap pictures this morning, the camera was completely dead.

See, told you that was lame-0.

I didn't snap any pics until very late in the afternoon. Long after the Easter Bunny visited and massive amounts of chocolates were consumed, after  fancy dresses hit the floor and after a birthday party/Egg Hunt...I finally snapped some pictures. They may not be typical Easter fodder, BUT, they are lovely none the less.

This is Raegan in a terribly muddy nut-shell.

(And don't was a play dress to begin with... )

Picnik-ing at 4:25am

I woke up and cannot sleep.

I am headed back to bed but started playing with some pictures to cure this temporary insomnia. I love Picnik for photos.

I also love this darling star in my life.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

No Woman No Cry

I am was in a bad spot today.

I do a fine job at putting a lot of these feelings at bay but every so often they creep up and consume me.

I know, I know.  A good writer wouldn't vaguely reference 'these feelings' ; they would've turned it into therapeutic muse.  And don't worry, they are nothing alarming or overly worrisome, just things that make me sad. 


Woe is me.

BAH - I hate even writing that sentence because I know that in the big picture of life - mine is pretty good. I have so many things to be thankful for, all I have to do is look in to the eyes of my four children to know that I am overly blessed. I am sitting at a computer, on the Internet, in my home.  My feet are bare because I chose to have them that way, There is coffee in my cup - complete with sugar and cream.  Eggs are boiling to be festively colored later. There is food in my refrigerator to cook for dinner.  John has an abundance of diapers, cheerios and milk. We are all here together. Jesus loves me.

I know. I am a lucky woman by many, many standards.

I don't wish to sound whiney or full of complaints.


There are definite relationships and scenarios in my life outside my husband and my own little family that bring me great sadness. As much as I try to chuck that sadness off in lieu of  my normal worn cheerleading uniform and a set of pompoms - there are times where IT wins. Times where the hurt is so strong that if I could, I would stay in my bed all day and cry into my pillow, only to wake and do it again. Times where I want to track down the primary players in this cast of gloom and not only tell them how much they are hurting me, but stomp my feet, pound my fists and scream as loud as I can because  maybe, just maybe they'd understand then?

But. Staying in my bed all day wouldn't result in anything other than me becoming fatter and my house becoming a disaster. The kids would be seriously creeped out by the sight of an inconsolable mother and probably start crying themselves.  Telling (or screaming at ) these players exactly how much they've hurt me wouldn't serve any purpose other than me feeling better for a few seconds. I'd end up feeling bad for my confrontation and start crying and passing out hugs, I'm sure.

It doesn't sound like it, but I HAVE already forgiven them.  Forgiveness is heavily in my nature AND God says that we are to forgive like he has forgave us.  And, I have.  But, forgiving someone doesn't make it hurt any less. Jesus doesn't say that life will be easy street and carefree. Laugh if you will, but Satan likes to prey on the feelings that cause us most pain and leave us most vulnerable. That's what he does. But, Jesus is constant when our own feeling's are fickle. His Love and Power never cease, and his army of angels are always at war on our behalf, should we ask for his help.

I did ask for help letting go of this hurt, and I prayed for peace. I asked my friends to ask!  And, they did. And...I believed.

I'm pleased to report, that I wrote this post over the course of 2 hours. 3 hours, I was busy parenting - aka - keeping baby John from sneaking to the door, building a ladder, unlocking the lock, and making a dash to climb up the outside of the house. He fell asleep after a healthy snack - a real, cut up, banana. My brother in law stopped by and surprised us with Easter baskets from my mother in law, and some treats for me, too.  It's raining a little, but the kids  played with their friends across the yard; they had hula hoops and we had jump ropes. Jake threw the football a bit with a neighborhood boy and rode his fancy bike.  Now, Abby is playing house on her friends porch, while the big two watch a movie.

Thanks for listening. I am feeling better. Thank you, Jesus for being alive and true and full of so. much. love.

OH! One of the original intentions of this post was to share a song that always makes me feel better. A long time a go, far far away, I was very sad over issues with my parents and a boy who, at that moment, broke my heart and a very good friend left this as a voicemail on my...pager.  It instantly made me feel better. I love how it makes me feel the same, NOW.

You all may enjoy the song, and laugh at the fact I'm old enough to have had a pager.

: )

Friday, April 22, 2011

Mother Daughter Bonding Via Cyndi Lauper

The big kids are getting ready for bed right now.  Yes, I know. 9:14 on a Friday.'s spring break and they've stayed up very late (10:30!) all week. They can go up and watch a movie together - the wee ones are already sleeping. So, they're gathering their stuff, changing their clothes, all that jazz.

Abby goes, "You know what song has been stuck in my head for dayyyyys?"

We, of course, had to sing it together. 

I love that little girl.

Found Guilty

As I walk in the scene is very surreal, yet very familiar. It looks like a typical courtroom, though definitely not the size of small town traffic court. This courtroom is very grand - much bigger than any I had seen before on late night cable. Marble floors, rows upon rows of seating, balconies filled with additional views. At the head of the room the bench towers high above everyone else and is intimidating just to see. Behind the stand hangs a massive display of the Ten Commandments and I instantly become very confused and very uneasy. I slowly recognize that in addition to being awestruck, I'm now very scared.

I scan the pews of people that lay on both sides of the courtroom, with one grand isle way leading up to the authoritative structures at the front. The defendant's table is empty; I can see the prosecutor surrounded by a team of assistants. They are jovial and relaxed. What am I doing here? What is this about? Who is in trouble? At that very second, I look down to see my own feet bound by shackles and my immobile hands in handcuffs.

My breathing becomes labored and heavy and all of the familiar feelings of anxiety creep up. However, this time is different, I know for certain that something is wrong. I anxiously scan the pews that are now filled, leaving no elbow room between the many persons to persons. Every single row was full, the balconies were bursting with bystanders, people lined the walls. I spot a face who looks vaguely familiar; I can't place her, but I know I know her. I look at the audience and realize that they all look familiar, every single one of them. As I try to make sense of this and place these many faces, I realize they are all staring intently.  Thousands of eyes focused right at me - shooting daggers of accusations right back into mine.

At that moment, two men appear and grab both my arms and drag me down the center isle and throw me in to the empty chairs and bare tables of where the Defense team normally would gather. I am alone and I am very, very afraid.

The judge is seated at the bench and the prosecution begins their attack.  Their attack against ME.

Officers of the court begin to wheel in cart after cart, each  full of written accounts of all recorded transgressions. ALL of them.  Every single offense I had made since I was adolescent had been recorded in great detail and with indisputable evidence.

One by one each member of the vaguely familiar audience makes his or her way to the witness stand. Testimony after Testimony of all of my hidden crimes are brought to the light. Early recollections of outright defiance against my parents are given, terribly inconsiderate actions against grade school friends share the spotlight.  True accounts of every bad decision - moment after moment of shared seconds of hate, forbidden love, selfish anger and violence are shared publicly. Verbatim accounts of the meanest, nastiest words I've hurled around are read in horrific replica  Former lovers share explicit detail of my most regretful moments, Broken Promise after Broken Promise rip the seems of my heart, in a seemingly never ending fashion. Thousands of witnesses to my life's greatest mistakes have already spoke, but their vacant seats are instantly filled with someone new and willing to share another regretful instance of my past.  Finally, after what seemed like days, the Judge is ready to make his verdict.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

John Kenevil

I tend to think that my baby has DNA that mirrors that of Evil Kenevil. He took a spill today leaving him with a fat lip of sorts.  He was a tough one; I probably cringed more than he did.  He's been rather lucky, having been so mobile so fast - bumps are inevitable, but hard on both of us none the less. Perhaps the accident would've been avoided if he wasn't CLIMBING ON MY CHAIRS at 9months old! I'll be sure to take pictures of him swinging from my ceiling fans during his first birthday party.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Storm Chaser, I am not.

A tornado touched down in the middle of the night, 5 minutes from where I live!

Thank God we are fine, and no one at all was hurt.

I didn't even really know it was happening and every kid slept through the storm.

I had stayed up late watching the brand new episodes of this seasons'  Deadliest Catch. I - oh, so shockingly - fell asleep on the couch around 1:30 in the morning.  About an hour later, I groggily awoke to the sound of serious winds and thunder and crazy, frantic rain. About 30 seconds after I opened my eyes, a huge BOOM made me jump about 3 feet off of the couch, sending me flailing around and gasping in fear. The lights went immediately out and I instantly reached for Wilo, who was still awake on the other couch. Even through the dark I could see that he was faintly amused by my moment of panic and my terror inspired moves. It was very late at that point, so we headed upstairs to bed.

The storm had calmed slightly after that last bit with the bomb blast of thunder or lightening, whatever it was that equaled impending doom. I was pleased with the calmer, rainier, stormy weather as I crawled onto my side of the bed. I love sleeping with my window open and I actually sleep next to it. The wind was very cool but very nice, and the rain had very much slowed. Sleeping with the windows open when it is raining is one of my favorite things, ever. I  was smiling as I closed my eyes - a perfect sleep for me.

Then, as soon as I closed my eyes...

....Tornado Sirens went off!

That CAN'T be good!

So, I lay there contemplating what to do. As a child in the Midwest, Tornado Safety is drilled into the minds of countless children. Memories of lining up against the wall  in the hallway, seated Indian style with a text book over your head.. At home,  you go to either a basement, or the inmost room (a bathroom, closet, laundry room) - as soon as you hear the siren! Don't mess around! Don't Delay! 


I've lived in suburbs on the North, North East, East, And South East.  Out here, we hear a ton of them. We live near the actual siren, so it will broadcast for areas 30 miles or so from here.. It doesn't mean that you are about to die, but it does mean that you need to be very cautious and be ready to seek safety. SO - here, years later, in the middle of the night,  I'm recalling all of my weather safety knowledge. Seriously weighing the thought of waking 4 children up to abruptly creep them out with the sounds of a siren, pulling them down to our utility closet. Yep, don't have a basement. But, I do have some safe, inmost spaces so where we would huddle. I'd have to get blankets and pillows and water, and can goods. Bottles. Diapers. And, OMG, I am so NOT prepared and it's 3 AM.

I reach over to Wilo,  seeking his council: "Do you hear those sirens?"

Of course, I hear them.

Should I be worried?


I shouldn't? We're just going to ride this out like Storm Chasers?

No, we're fine. You don't have to worry. Go to sleep.

I sighed heavily; I am not a storm chaser, Wilo. You are from the desert. Do they even have tornadoes there?

As I finished teasing him, I realized the sirens had stopped.

Peacefully Asleep, I fell.

Then I hear from a neighbor that it was REAL!  Ladies talked about it on Facebook. I found an article. A tornado touched down in Groveport.  We were THISCLOSE  to something scary!  Thank you Jesus for letting it pass us by. Tornadoes are powerful and very easily could have headed the 5miles towards my direction. But, it didn't. Our power was out for 12 hours and I lost some groceries, but overall we were safe. And, I really should work on my emergency preparedness. Don't tell my kids, but we would've been hosed should the whole town lost power for a few days. 

This former Girl Scout needs to amp it up! Mama needs to stock up on some non-perishables. 

How do you fair in emergency preparedness? How long could you make it with what you have on hand should their ever be a city wide disaster - or power outage? Do people think you are crazy for bracing for the worst? Can you take it to far? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Anyways.  Happy to have NOT survived a tornado.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Walking Beast of A Baby

Baby John has been....WALKING.


14, 15, 16 steps at a time, like an old pro instead of a wobbly 9month old.

He's been doing it all month but I cannot bring myself to write much about it as it makes me a little sad.   Like I've said before, I am incredibly grateful for a very healthy, very active, very mobile, very precocious , adorable baby boy. BUT.....He is flying through his infancy and milestones at warp speed.


Amusingly Random Wishing Bubbles

Raegan will be FOUR years old in 10 days.

She isn't asking for much....
.....just a REAL magic wand.

She is a tad wild, seriously spunky, and theatrically dramatic.
She is also terribly creative, highly imaginative, and very kind.

She's a bit of a handful, too. 
When asked why she did this - she said, "Well...Tigers have stripes!"  She didn't have to vocalize it, but the expression on her face said:      DUH.

"Amusingly Random" would also describe her at times.

I was sitting here just now as she is blowing bubbles around the living room while the others watch a movie. They are "Wishing Bubbles" in her world.

"Here is your Wishing Bubble, Mama! Make a wish before it pops!", she exclaimed.

I close my eyes, quickly open them wide and say, "OK! I wished!".

"Did you wish for Chocolate Cake, Mama? For me and you?!"

I know you are not supposed to lie to your children - or at all for that matter, but the sparkle, hope and anticipation in her eyes made me say, "YES, OF COURSE!!!".

She giggled, then floated and bounced away.....just like her bubbles.

Loving Cup - A repost, I'm Sure

I've probably posted this song before and I'm too lazy at the moment to stop and check. It's a heartfelt favorite of mine. I fell in love with the idea of  Man on the Mountain when I was 15, and will always be smitten.

The Rolling Stones version will always be my preference, but I really enjoyed this cover by Phish. I've heard them do it several different times, several different ways, but this one is the best they've done.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Told You I Wasn't Addicted To The Internet

Well, Hello There.

I dropped off the face of the virtual world this past week. Mostly in an effort to prove to my children that we could all live with out Internet. It wasn't something that I planned; it just happened. Our Internet went out on Tuesday, and the kids started teasing me about being addicted to the Internet - that I couldn't live without Facebook, or my articles, or my bloggers, or my own blog.  Obnoxious, I know. I mean, I love me some Internet THIS MUCH, but - I most certainly could live without it.

Or...Could I?

When I started to think about life without Internet, I realized it had been nearly 10 years since I hadn't had some form of Internet access - through a home connection, or while at work, or on my phone.


I had just finished lecturing the kids about Internet not being a true necessity and all the while, I've treated it as such, in a way. Of course, I would not, or have not, let my children go without in lieu of Internet's always been there.


I took this downtime as an inspiration to live without it for a few days. Beginning Tuesday night and going through Sunday, we were all disconnected....because I said so. None of the 3 computers were connected, nor was the play station allowed. I also didn't sneak or ask a friendly neighbor or two, or three to check my stuff really fast, either. Was I tempted? Ohhhh, yeah.

We all survived. We watched more movies in our free time. Raegan and I read more books - which was a win and a practice worth continuing. We played outside a lot - thankfully the weather was on my team.

I had all my housekeeping done by 9am. NO JOKE.  Instead of sitting down at the computer after the kids leave for school and enjoying my cup of coffee, I started straight away. I'm gonna try to keep that habit.

We did not miss it as much as I had anticipated; I proved the point to my children and maybe even to myself.  We CAN deal without Internet. We ARE lucky to have it. We are also smart, well rounded individuals who can find other things to do to occupy our time.

Shhh...All this being said, if I could give the Internet a Welcome Back hug, I so totally would. ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

City of G-Port

My home town is becoming an actual City! 

Apparently - any village with a population over 5,000 can qualify as a City. Data from the 2010 Census shows there are currently 5,363 residents versus the 3,865 residents in 2000.

Big Deal!

I love this little town City.

Even though it's grown in population (much due to residential development of former country areas) it still feels the same.

Driving down the main street (creatively named Main Street - HA!), I pass the same structures and houses that I did as a child. We pass the same Flower Shop (who eventually did the flowers for my wedding), the same Dairy Queen we'd walk to as a reward in Middle School.  The same corner store who sold me cigarettes underage more than a decade ago still sits. The old, historical houses seem to never change, yet are still so rich and stunning by their age and simplicity. I glance as we pass the elementary school and ball diamonds where so many evenings of my childhood were spent. I see playgrounds were I watched Fourth of July fireworks as a teenager, and then later as a mother. We pass the small town Golf Course that though quaint and quiet, always has people playing.

In an instant, you're through it.  Much like youth, in general.

People will sometimes joke - or poke fun - at my small town upbringing. I've heard all kinds of jokes about how everyone has a cow in their front yard, tomato plants growing in their flower bushes, tractors who slow down traffic by driving on the street, how John Deer attire doesn't ever go out of style.

I've dreamed about living in a bigger city, or a new state, or in the middle of Mountains. Life hasn't taken me down that path, and I perfectly OK with that. Despite the jokes - I'm proud to be from Groveport. I'm happy to raise my family the CITY!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Musical Soul Mates

If I had to pick just two bands to listen to for the rest of my life, I'd be perfectly content with both of these guys.

One of the things I love most about The Dead is how vast their catalog really is, and how the same song can sound different, 100 times over.

One of the things I am loving most about Mumford & Sons is how their music came along my path, grabbed hold and hasn't let go. I listen to them every day, multiple times. There music and I just...connected.

Can you find a musical soul mate?  Can you have two?

Right now, my heart belongs to both.

This is one of those songs that makes me wish I was there to see it.

This song reminds me of someone I used to think was my dream fellow and who ended up hurting me pretty badly. I don't think I'll ever be over it. We all have those, I think. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Put This On Your Blog, MOM!

WOAH! Did I just upload a video of my baby hysterically laughing on to Youtube?

Oh. Yes. I. Did.

Seriously. Is there ANY better sound than a baby rolling on the floor with laughter, laughing his tiny butt off?

(Geek points if you notice what I did in that last sentence.)

I love this video because it shows John absolutely enjoying his silly big brother, Jakob.  It was at the end of the day last Friday. Abby was with a friend, Raegan was sleeping. It was just me and my favorite boys.

Also, in addition to the sweet sound of hearty baby laughter - you'll also get to experience what I call John's "Mad Scientist" shriek at about halfway in.

When he makes noises like that, and the sides of his hair are all poofed out, I just keep waiting for him to yell Eureka!

Anyways. Watch it! You'll Smile! : )

The Day After Yesterday

I'd like to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back for writing when I was feeling introverted!

YAY ME. That was a goal, remember?

Today was much better than yesterday. I felt better after writing about such an obnoxious day. In response,  I received a great note from a special lady. It was encouraging and made me feel more....normal.I read some very encouraging devotions and read my Bible a bit. Wilo worked during the day (shocking!) and was actually home for dinner. It was a very relaxing day.

I also received a note and a call from another good friend who had previously hurt my feelings by a big miscommunication. We missed each other, but I look forward to talking with her, and appreciated seeing her number come across my phone.

Speaking of phones, I have flat out lost my cell phone. It's a good thing I don't use it much and have my home phone as my primary number. But...I have no idea where it possibly could be. I did a bunch of cleaning and reorganizing and tossing....and it could be in a closet somewhere, in a good will box, under a bed, or in the trash. Who knows. It was really a glorified watch, really...I am home much of the time!

I also have two, very big, unspoken prayer requests to pass along. If you pray, help a sista out! Pray specifically that God shows his love and protection to these two really amazing women.

Anyways. I'm gonna wrap this up with The Word of The Day ....

"I'd consider yourself lucky should you find a m├ętier you enjoy".

... And a canorous song.The Garcia/Grisman collaborations are always really prime stuffs....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Anxious Truth

I was very anxious today.

It creeps up from time to time.

It feels like I stuck all my fingers into an outlet. Well, I think. I've never been electrocuted  and 'Ways to die' is one of the 7 things I've never Googled. But...

Physically - every muscle in my whole body tightens. I can feel it in my fingers, my back, my chest, my ears and my teeth.

Inside my mind plays a scenario over and over and over again, each time with a different not-so-pleasant ending. The final act varies from the possible, to the blatant extreme. An uneasy, unfounded apprehension starts to cloud my perception. My mind starts to drift from issue to non issue and back again. I start to recall what seems like every single instance in my life where I have felt anxiety or discomfort and relive those same, exact feelings once more.

I try to shake it.

I try to pray through it. I read my Bible.  I wear my smile and pass out kisses to my babies. I try to sit and read all of  my daily digital comforts but am way to fidgety to sit still. I search for something to clean in an effort to distract my mind but it just results in a tidal wave of tension. It's only by the Grace of God that these instances don't give way to full blown panic attacks.

Wilo asks me what is wrong. I reply with a causal "Nothing" and he calls me out on lying. He says he can tell by the expression on my face. He knows I can't always tell him why I'm anxious, because sometimes I just AM.

Some days, the fact that I'm anxious makes me MORE anxious.

This morning was very rough. I am thankful for a short visit with a friend, and the message of a daily devotion. I prayed for peace.  Wilo was awesome in suggesting a nap. The first time I attempted to do so, I was so very restless and couldn't sleep. The second attempt was better and I rested.

As I woke up, he asked if I was feeling better. I replied: "Well, at least I don't feel like a tweeked-out, crack-head at the moment."  He chuckled; I laughed.

I am a smart, savvy, intuitive woman. I know this is not normal. I know it's not natural as it is happening, if that makes any sense at all. I know it's as easy as going to my family doctor and describing my symptoms and walking out with some anti-anxiety medication.

Would you believe me if I told you that the mere thought of going to the doctor strictly for anxiety, makes me anxious?

Obviously, it very much does.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Kids, They Dance And Shake Their Bones

I came across this acoustic version of Throwing Stones on Saturday night as my big kids were away, leaving me with some delightful and much needed quiet time.

Jerry always comes through with some sweet company.

I love this song's a favorite of my kids too.

Everyone stops what they are doing and throws down some dance moves and shake thier bones.

Here are two versions for you.....


How I Roll.

I started this really peaceful, relaxed post yesterday.

I was bragging about this fabulous pasta dish we were making for dinner and what a relaxing day we had, in general.The chicken for the dish was cooking and Baby John was at my feet playing with toys.

As soon as I typed the last period of the third sentence, John started losing interest in the things he was allowed to play with and began actively pursuing a plan of attack against my Internet tower and data cords and speaker wires. At the same time, the phone rang and Raegan demanded that dinner be done NOW and that our dessert should be consumed first. One thing after a-bloody-nother, I didn't make my way back to the computer the rest of the night.

Lame, right?

That's how I roll!

Envious, much?

So, right now, I'm typing as fast as my pretty little fingers can type and anxiously try to hear what is going on with all the kids while they are  in my living room. Sounds to be calm at the moment: Jake watching "How It's Made", Raegan coloring and Abby doing homework. Baby John is away scaling Mt. Everest at the moment, he plans to skydive in, right in time for dinner, I believe.

I have some big news regarding that little boy, but I'll get to that later today, hopefully.

For now, I'm off to check spelling, make tostadas, and ensure Baby John doesn't try to cook that boar he slew today.

I'll leave you with the Word of the Day before I go though....

Today's Word is: dapple.

1.A small contrasting spot or blotch.

2.A mottled appearance, especially of the coat of an animal (as a horse).

"I told him not to fret, the fushia skirt mixed in with his white chef coats only resulted in a small dapple, not a huge one....."

Friday, April 1, 2011

True Story - Gravitas

Today's word is gravitas.  
\ GRAV-uh-tahs \  , noun;
1.High seriousness (as in a person's bearing or in the treatment of a subject).
"You would think the gravitas of the situation would warrant attention, or at least a reply".  

The New Law In Hunziker Town

One of the best stories I've ever heard was from a good Internet friend who, as her daughters were growing up, made them write sentences as punishment. Thousands of words drilling proper behavior and good values into them.

While I totally enjoyed her personal stores, I've never implicated it into our discipline scheme.


WHY oh WHY haven't I done that?

It's brilliant.

It's also the new law in Hunziker town.

My oldest child - who's lack of judgment will remain private - will be spending the course of the weekend writing something 500 times. Not all at once - but in span of 2 1/2 days.

/evil laugh.

What do you think?

TOO Old Fashioned? Perfect Punishment? Worth a try?