Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What A Mouthful!

I've spent most of the past two days comforting a very irritated Baby John as he protests the TWO additional teeth that are quickly arriving. That's right - he will have SIX teeth by 9 months.

I fully expect him to be asking for a steak or beef jerky or something, soon. Geeze!

The first were the front two on the bottom (or the central incisors, according to Google). He cut those in conjuction with a terrible cold, which pretty much resulted the most miserable he'd ever been. I still frown when I think about those 3 weeks!

I was very suprised to see the next pearlly duo to arrive as the top "Eye Teeth" (or the lateral incisors, also according to Google). Surprised may not be the right word so much - I was more like, "What the hell? That can't be normal.I have to go see what Google! has to say about that!" I surely meant to write about that here, but didn't as Facebook is awesome. Check it out:

All of these wonderful mommies came out of the digital woodwork to let me know not to worry. Apparently having adorable babies with fangs and missing top teeth is completely normal.

So, that brings us to today where he has swollen gums on both the top and bottom. It's pretty much up in the air as to which one is next, though I'm anticipating two coming through as that's been his pattern. 

He's very cranky, clingy and hard to please with anything else other than hanging out on my hip all day. His sleeping has been interrupted, as well . I tried to alleviate some pain with some Infant's Motrin but instead I think it just dosed him up with No Sleep till Brooklyn as his theme song. A 9month old baby with no sleep? Yeah, that's fun. Thankfully, I think the past few days have caught up with him. He's slept through the night last night, and settled down for a good morning nap about an hour ago.  

I don't really mind having to cater to a pissed off Prince Charming. I mean, it doesn't allow for much  to be done but it's not an inconvenience when you know that YOU are the only thing that makes your baby happy. 

It's a privilege. 

One beautiful, amazing, exciting, honorable, trying, saliva filled, sleep deprived, uncomfortable, unproductive privilege. 

I'm lucky to have the opportunity, but here is hoping these teeth make their debut soon!