Friday, March 18, 2011

Crazy Mash-ups.

Today was a gorgeous though cloudy, slightly rainy day. It was warm and dry enough to slip outside and run off some energy but cool enough to come in early and snuggle down with a movie.

We have a big day tomorrow, and I have to get crack-a-lacking.

Raegan and I are headed to the zoo with her Aunt & Uncle in the morning! I am excited to go. It is her first time going and let me tell you, she is SO excited. As excited as a 3 year old who's about to see a real life monkey could be. I'm really excited to go with them, and very thankful to my brother and his wife for inviting me along. It will be a nice outing. (Don't fear, the big kids will be going on a different day with their Uncle & Aunt!).

I haven't been far from Baby John for longer than an hour up until now, kind of crazy.

Anyways, my point of stopping by was to share....

These totally rad mash up's via DOOCE and I, too, couldn't stop watching them.

How freakin' dope is this??