Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drive- By's, Sympathy Sickies, 911, Business Cards... Typical.

I've been wicked busy fighting the disorganization that becomes my little house so easily. I really wish I could naturally be more domestic, but as I've admitted before, I really have to work at it. (Undomesticated Stay at Home Mom? Say Whaaaat? There has to be more of us - I should start a club).

I've literally moved my chairs away from the computers so that I wouldn't be distracted by what an old friend deemed: "Drive By's". You know, when you walk by your desk and you think, "Ok, real fast, I'll just check my facebook, or my email or my fav blogger....Just one second won't hurt!". Then before you know it, it's been 10 minutes, and you've done your 259th drive by for the day. That shiz adds up, yo!

While I was up cleaning out some closets, washing some walls, switching some bedrooms, I was thinking about all the things I could be blogging about instead.

I would've told you about....

....My gross, disgusting, not so funny sympathy puking incident with my 10 year old son. Yep, It's official - Um, I can't handle big kid throw up. (I am think I just officially fell in the Mommy Blog category since I'm discussing vomit. That is GLAMOUR, people.) Poor guy wakes up, comes down stairs, and says, "Mama, I don't feel so good". He makes his way to this little, no bigger than a closet, tiny bathroom between our kitchen and laundry room - opens the door...and MISSES the toilet.  I'm right behind him at the moment, and the sound of this makes me gag - and all goes to hell. Seriously - it was back and forth for like 10 minutes. Once everything was all said and done, and I was cleaning the hazardous mess up...Jake goes. "Mama....I reallllllly love you."   What a sweetie - it was exactly what I needed to hear to feel better about such a fiasco.

(Still Reading?  Sorry, that was awful, but somewhat humorous - helloooo mom of four not being able to stomach vomiting! And somewhat sweet - what a guy.)

....Abby's near perfect weekend - She had a great bday. It started on Thursday and went through the weekend. She had her special cake with our family - an overnight with my parents (which she looooved) - and finally, her big surprise gift on Sunday. We bought her a bike - she had noooo clue. She was delighted. She hopped on and took off. All was sunny, cheery and bright until.....she ran into a neighbor boy. Who FREAKED out. I mean freakedtheeffout. Therefore, so did his mama.  A simple altercation turned into 911 being called (no, I am not kidding) and him going off in a squad (STILL not kidding). She was mortified. I felt SO bad for her.  (I felt bad for the little boy, but knew everyone was over reacting.) She didn't get back on her bike until he came back from the ER a few hours later; he was treated for a 'small laceration'.  A CUT. They didn't even put a band aid on it.  Bah. But, I tried to remain thankful and positive, though inside this ruined my whole mood and made me extremely anxious.

....The insanely cute long cardigan type sweater from The Limited that I bought secondhand from the thrift store for $2.99. Seriously. That was like a $65 sweater and it fit perfectly, looked adorable. Notice the past tense there? Yeah, I'm a genius and a laundry pro and threw a wool sweater in the washer (helloooo, you have to wash things from there!) AND in the dryer.  BOO.  I am surprised no one began singing "Fat Girl in a Little Coat" when I put it on after realizing my error.

....We changed some bedrooms around and cleaned the carpets. Well...Wilo cleaned the carpets. He did so with little argument and lots of motivation. This is the song he started the day with - CRACKED. ME. UP.

....I came across an old business card - my most recent one while I was cleaning out my closet. I'm not kidding it made me tear up a little. As did the fancy award I won - and a picture of one my first hotels signed by the staff. I miss working. We have been talking about my return to the what degree, I am unsure. I am going to handle this just like I did all my previous positions and promotions - I'm gonna pray about it. If it's God's Will - an opportunity will arise. If it is is His will for me to be at home. Either way - he will provide!

....Did I tell you about the explicitly delightful dream I had about slowly and deliberately dressing up? Yeah, for serious. If nothing more, I need to put on a fancy suit, new high heels, silky pantyhose - curl my hair, do my make up...and GET OUT....for just a little bit!

....Raegan asked to be referred to as Rae Rae Gaga. (ahahahahahahaha).

....One of my favorite bloggers: Mama Pundit (Katie Allison Granju) is taking the details of her 18 year old son's death public this week via her blog and some radio interviews. She has patiently waited the previous 9 months for the Knoxville County Police Department to investigate the criminal assault her son suffered prior to his death. Understandably, and respectably, she is staying silent no longer. You can read her detailed narratives here. In addition to them breaking my heart - they leave me appalled at the way this case has been handled. You can also see more about Henry's Story in a professionally produced video here, and you can read (or donate) to the fund they have in his

Now, with light being at the end of the house tunnel - I hope to be posting the next few days. I want to talk about my response to two recent blogs concerning breastfeeding, cosleeping and the absurd articles I've been reading lately offering up the argument about healthy eating being expensive. We are proof it is not. Grr.

I also have a million pictures to take off my camera too. I bought a HUGE memory card this time and....not having to clear it off as often, they accumulate fast I see!

Hugs to each of you : )