Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On The Internet Today...

In case you need any additional motivation to surf the Internet.

- Blogger Katie Alison Granju aka Mamapundit had her story shared via well written article on The Daily Beast. My heart still feels as strongly about this family as it did the first time I read their story. The injustice is more than the tragic loss of her son; it's a rude awakening to how law enforcement officials can mishandle and mistreat good, contributing, tax paying citizens. You can read more about their story here at JusticeforHenry.com

- I read a blog which I found to be very interesting - a quick recap on Mothers via the Census. I loved reading the statics, though I was off the chart and different from most of the norm.

- If this video does not make you smile, you should never have anything to do with children.

- A savvy friend posted this link today and as soon as I read a 3 year old had solved a 5,000 piece puzzle, I had to read more. The greatest minds intrigue me.

- This was my devotion. It spoke of Faith and following God's call. Going where it can be scary, or frustrating, or trying, but knowing that we can absolutely trust him to see us through. It was good one.

- I couldn't stop listening to these guys - again - tonight. It's so refreshing to see people still making really good, authentic music these days. I want you to hear this music so badly that I'll go ahead and post some for you. It's wonderful. They have swept me off my feet and have refused to let go.

What? One More?
Ok, Sure.