Monday, March 7, 2011

...Nor a bathtub.

Wanna hear something weird?

In addition to Baby John never seeing the inside of his actual crib - he's never seen the inside of a bathtub either.

Even after four kids - it still reallllly creeps me out. Maybe it's because of Jakob's near drowning incident when he was 20months old, or maybe I am just weird. (That may be a given, though.)

I, of course, bathe him regularly!!

Just not in the big bathtub....

....or the baby bathtub!

I channel Little House on the Prairie and bust out baby bath time, pioneer style - since he is too big for a baby bath. I use two tubs of warm water and bathe him on my lap, or the bed, or the floor. It's not messy because there isn't a lot of water. He's not slippery or wiggly and there is no fear of him submerging his face in the water, or me losing my grip.  I am very relaxed doing it this way, and will continue to do so until he's about a year or so, or at least showing a lot of  interest in what the big kids are doing during their nightly bath time.

My big kids love bath time and water in general. They swim like fish and spend most of the summer dying to visit my parents' pool. None of them are scared of water, despite their mamas concerns. John would probably love it and squeal with I cringed in fear!

Ah, well. I'm MOM, and it's just one of those peccadillos that comes with my territory.

Thankfully, I have no phobias related to ridiculously cute towels.