Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My (Little) Man on the Mountain

Baby John crawled to the top of the 14 stairs today.

There was no stopping, no hesitation, just full throttle to the top.

He is 8 months old, you guys! That's like climbing a mountain to someone who is twenty pounds and less than two feet tall! He LOVED it. His eyes were SO lit up and he was babbling and turning around to laugh at me as I crawled behind him - shocked and spellbound by him actually CLIMBING.  He did it with such ease and enthusiasm. He was proud of himself for his accomplishment - I kid you not, he clapped! It was a big deal.

It's also one big, dangerous deal.

I have never lived in a house with as many stairs and a baby at the same time! We lived in a cozy ranch style home and a spacious split-level with like 5 stairs between both the downstairs and the upstairs. Raegan didn't walk up the stairs here until she was 18months or so!

It has me a little anxious.

Obviously, We must be diligent in keeping those stairs gated off and making sure he is never out of sight while we are upstairs. Also, obviously, we must trust God to keep his hand on my natural, fearless adventurer.

 We must also pray for me.

Because...Um...If he is climbing stairs at 8 months, what is next?!

Climbing Mountains? Jumping out of a plane? Swimming with Sharks?