Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I want to be a Picker.

I come by my appreciation for Antiques honest; My grandparents have spent their retirement scouring flee markets and attending Auctions. There is nothing I would love more than to sit with them and hear of their greatest finds, see the oldest item in their collection, and maybe even try on a piece of my Grandma's antique jewelry.

Unfortunately, my own anitque collection consists of a silver tray my grandmother gave as a gift a few Christmas' ago. It's displayed proudly on my wall - I only take it down for my meat and cheese tray for New Years Eve. (She told us to use it!). It's special not only because it's a real silver platter, but because it was something my Grandma had picked out years ago, and then picked it out to give to me. I would consider it a prized possesion.

Just becuase I don't have any extent of a collection - doesn't mean that I'm not hungry for the chase and anxious for a stellar find. Sadly, I must only dream of those things at the moment, and live vicariously through a show on the history channel called, American Pickers.

Basically these two men - Mike and Frank - who have been friends since the 8th grade, drive thousands of miles around the hidden country searching old barns and debilitated buildings for "rusty gold".  The term for their profession is "Pickers". Their finds range from Early American Advertising, to 1937 Harley Davidson Motorcycles, to World World 1 posters - tons, and tons, and tons of stuff packed deep in to the heart of these abandon buildings.

I love the show, not only because I have a terrible, lustful crush on Mike (oh. so. sexy.) The scenery and landscape mirror that of my own small town in the midwest where barns and cornfields line the drive anywhere.The people remind me of the fellows who drive their tractors to the neighborhood grocery store. The families are simple, down to earth and organic. They own millions of dollars in land and pieces of history - and you  would never, ever know it. Those are my kind of people.

So...how do I start my own antique collection?

Since I can't post a child on Ebay or Stud my husband out - I would assume that the fastest way for me to begin to aquire a beloved and treasured antiuque collection, would be to....get a job.

I want to work so that I can buy antiques.