Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

Today marks the one year anniversary of which I began this little blog, in its own little corner of the Internet.

Happy Birthday, Blog-licous!

(It's very evident that despite a years worth of writing and introspection - I'm still very much a dork. )

When I started this project, my intent was to reclaim the hobby of writing that I had since abandoned after becoming a stay at home mom. You can read my first post here. And....while I might have failed at that first attempt to write daily for 30 days, I am very pleased that I am composing my 225th post a year later.

This little blog has given me a space that is truly ALLLLLLLLL mine.There is absoutley nothing about this site that I have to share with anyone else.

Being a mommy of four, I am constantly sharing: From little drinks of my Coke to bites of my snacks. From my spot on the couch to my favorite pillow, From my  worn hoody to my fancy high heels, From fingernail polish to hair ties....SHARING = CARING! I offer every material thing I have to those around me. I don't mind it, but I certainly appreciate having something that I do not have to share. EVER.

This blog equates to my quiet time. I sit to write in the early hours of the morning, or the late hours of the evening after everyone has gone to bed. I find myself secretly looking forward to these very quiet times and tease myself with the reward of sitting down to write, typically interrupted.  This blog doesn't ask to go outside before homework is done, doesn't tell me that I reallllly need to shed these 8month old post prego pounds, it doesn't color on walls and doesn't wake up as soon as I lay it down. This blog offers me a break and yet makes me feel productive.

Obviously, this digital space allows me to document the lives of my children. It offers friends and family from far away to catch a very true glimpse of our lives. Time passes so quickly - and I never want to forget that Raegan had a make believe boyfriend from Jamaica or how Jakob's laugh sounded at 10, or what Abby did on her 9th birthday or how adorable Baby John looked in his batman jammies. Yes, this place allows me to relentlessly post pictures of my beautiful offspring, but whatevs, this is mine!

I have also been so very thankful, encouraged, motivated and flattered by the friends, family, former co-workers and never before met Internet friends who have taken the time to send me a message, or leave me a facebook comment in regards to my writing. You have NO idea how warm and fuzzy you make me feel. I have loved getting to know you better and discovering how much we have in common. (There are sooo many more messies out there than you know!)

I have also appreciated all of the people who know me, read this blog but do not comment. I recently heard from an old coworker who said - "Just wanted to let you know, I never comment publicly but I have been reading your writing since you were 18. I was saddened to see you stop after you left work, and am so thrilled I get to read you again. I'm also tickled that you are actually sharing it this time, and not swearing people to secrecy once they find out about your online journal. Yes, you did that, remember?"

(Yes, I did do that...)

I'm really glad that I have shared this one though and I plan on keeping it up for a second year.

365 days from now, I hope to have expanded my readership a bit. I hope to write more honestly - I tend to buffer things sometimes because I know a parent, an in-law, or a former contact read what I write. It's harder than you think.

That being said, I hope to dive into personal topics that make me a little uncomfortable because healing has always came from writing, in my world. I really wish to "write through" those occasional periods where I become very introverted for no good reason. I really wanna bring more Meli to this blog.

I simply want to be a better writer by this time next year.

Want to come along for the journey?

I can't promise luxury or glamor but I can promise Good Music, Coca-Cola Classic, Smiles, Cute Kids , and a ton of  Free Hugs.