Thursday, March 17, 2011

I can have a GREEN Beer, this year!

I was totally penning this thought provoking post about two very honest blogs I read this week - but then, in the middle of it, I became distracted for the 1,000th time and ended up super pissy with myself.

Instead of throwing my hands up and taking comfort in my cozy couch while having lustful thoughts about Steve Gonzales as I watch the new Ghost Hunters, I decided to just be HONEST. Honest may not be super interesting, but whatevs.

I'm feeling fairly relaxed - I had some GREEN beer tonight - yippie! If you remember, I was ripe with pregnancy this day last year. As with every pregnancy, I craved Guinness SO badly. I was incredibly pissed today when I realized that my stupid husband drank all 3 of the Guinness' in my fridge. I had been saving for today. (SO lame, Wilo.) I didn't vocalize it because um, really, I doubt my children would have any sympathy for their thirsty mama. I was quite pleased when as we went outside to enjoy the gorgeous evening and a neighbor friend invited me over for a few Green beers. Even more pleased to spend some time laughing and conversing with my other 'hood mama friends.

I also had a moment where I was very, very reminiscent about my trip to Europe what seems like a hundred years ago. I've been to Ireland, damn it! It was beautiful, green, gorgeous and everything you think it could possibly be. While the memories are vibrant, unique and ohhhh-sooo-special, they actually make me feel very sad in a way, and very confined to this small house, in this small town, in this same state. Where is the ambitious girl who would travel anywhere?!  (For the record, I'm still here, just not traveling on anyone else's dime these days. Which...makes a wee bit of difference.)

I am also entirely irritated by someone who I thought hung the moon. I know I should really just let it go, but I can't. I'm literally reminded of it every day. Bah. Since when is it appropriate to totally blow off someone who very importantly needs to speak with you? Lame. This just isn't someone, it's someone I loved very much. Too Sad.

Moving on.

Here. This makes everything better.

....Just like Guinness - Thanks again, Wilo! XOXO